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Animation monsters - echo of real life, or way of psychological impact on children?

many TV channels broadcast Now the entertaining material intended in the majority for children`s audience on the weekend. And the few parents take the trouble to be interested in contents of the animated films stamped in the western countries. It occurs also because in subconsciousness of each adult who is brought up on old kind fairy tales with amusing, touching hares and bear cubs the word animated cartoon is associated with something light, joyful, bearing a charge of love and comprising instructive implication.

you Should not think that your children from early age are raised in the same atmosphere. On the domestic film market production which in Europe is not allowed for viewing by children gets and it is intended for foreign consumers. Our television became a dump for the import garbage created by people with obvious mental deviations. As the normal, adequate person can think up animated fighter with vile monsters and heroes - killers?

Mentality of children is very susceptible to world around to which also information filling belongs. It is known that the personality an environment and a family forms, but, unfortunately, parents owing to the employment not always have an opportunity to find time for full communication with the kids.

Often little fidgets are provided on arrival from school to themselves and have a good time viewing of such animated films for hours without a break, and meanwhile their mental health is in danger. The shown constant violence any more is not perceived by the child so sharply, and over time the little viewer begins to perceive such distortion of reality as due.

Not all cinema products is destructive for children`s consciousness. It is enough to remember at least old kind The Lion King or Skudzh McDuck . For quite some time now in hire there are rather qualitative and interesting animated films which with pleasure are watched even by people for a long time been above tender age. But it is rather exceptions, such material is infrequently broadcast, in comparison with daily cruel and ugly abortions of the film industry.

Reflecting on this subject there is one question: Who lets out a similar disgrace for mass viewing? . There is an impression as if such psychological influence is created purposefully in order that since small years to cultivate in younger generation indifference, cynicism, aggression and other negative qualities of character. It is worth reflecting: It is favorable to whom to bring up in our children stupid, embittered, brutal, incapable to perceive beauty of animals?

This aspect of life for me as author is very important. I bring up the little daughter who will be one year old soon. Therefore to me it is not indifferent in what society my child will grow and develop. After those lessons which teach them similar film masterpieces it is not necessary to be surprised to growth of negative manifestations of youth life. Think of what moral threat is concealed in themselves by such methods of influence which masked under a product for children`s viewing.

In our democratic country, after disappearance of a pioneering, does not exist more than such large-scale organization which would be engaged in education of the personality at the state level. Inhabitants of country towns where there are no conditions for social development of the child got into most difficulties. The TV and the domestic company consisting of the same prazdnoboltayushchikhsya of teenagers becomes the only entertainment here. There can be your lonely opinion and is not capable to influence the state system, but in your forces to try to give more time to own child. Thereby you will create educational base for rooting in soul in the little man of sprouts of kindness and justice which will not be broken any more by someone`s imposed opinion.

I Urge all parents to be interested more in leisure of the children at the right time to teach them correctly to see things, we cannot be every second near them, but we can warn them about danger. In children our future - so let`s take care of it already today!!!