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Eve of the St. Valentine`s Day. How to be prepared?

Oh, horror! Already every other day a holiday of all lovers, and we solved nothing yet. And weather is planned absolutely unfestive - a frost. What to do, where to move? There is a wish that this day passed cheerfully, and memoirs remained the warmest.

It would be exciting to go together with darling to one of the most romantic cities of Europe - Prague. Here really one of the most suitable places slowly to walk on the city where each street, each house has the unique history or a surprising legend, to sit in cozy Prague cafe and to enjoy the atmosphere of medieval romanticism which impregnated each stone of the Czech capital Yes, it would be remarkable if I thought of it in advance.

Then just we descend in cafe or restaurant and we will sit in a secluded corner of an institution, whispering each other gentle words, and it is possible, my darling at last to decide to read the solemn offer of a hand and heart. However, it is better to reserve a table in advance as on February 14 usually everything is occupied, and to spoil this day a crush in turns or in small dashes between local cafes and restaurants absolutely to anything.

However, the romantic dinner can be arranged and at home. Only it is necessary not to overdo, the dinner has to promote, but not stir love therefore nourishing, high-calorific dishes it is replaceable vegetable and fruit salads and easy desserts, and we will choose the refreshing juice or dry wine from drinks. And as a culinary surprise for darling I will bake pie in the form of heart, for example with a strawberry stuffing. It will be necessary to take from the girlfriend couple of disks with light melodious music for creation of the corresponding atmosphere.

And still it is necessary to take care of pleasant aromas. Perhaps, I will buy aromatic candles - they will help to create the muffled light and will fill the room with fragrances. And if I do not manage to buy candles, I will light an aromalampa with essential oil ilang - an ilanga, patchoulis, vanilla, a petitgreyn, a rose or a sandal-wood tree - these aromas are fine aphrodisiacs.

Decided on the program, now it is necessary to think of gifts. The banal card does not want to be given, better I will make self-made Valentine`s Day card in our prompt time the gifts made with own hands in which the part of soul is enclosed are very much appreciated. Let`s look what we have Strings of a mouline thread, band, beads, cloth. Well, in one day I will not manage to embroider a heart any more, and to weave here out of beads - quite. Let`s start

was Called by the girlfriend - to consult where to them to descend on February 14. She cannot choose between a visit of cinema and visit of theater. As it was not in theater long ago, I advised to stop the choice on it, and as an alternative - the musical, for example, which made a noise Beauty and monster or long ago won popularity and already several years not descending from a stage of Theatre of the Moscow Council Jesus Christ - the superstar . If it does not turn out to buy tickets in advance, then for secure to learn about repertoire of the nearest movie theaters this day in advance.

In preparation of a gift the girlfriend was more creative, than I - it made love album in which, using cuttings from magazines, cards, photos, and also felt-tip pens, pencils and paints, described history of their acquaintance and the first appointment. It will be necessary to make the next year the same album with the image of the most romantic moments.

At last everything is ready to celebration of the St. Valentine`s Day. I hope, this day will be magnificent and will be remembered as a small romantic adventure.