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How to the beginning writer to break through in netliterature?

Any person who is posting online the opuses dream to become the genius. At worst - posthumously. But, it is desirable, to become famous in this life.

Some authors will be indignant at once. We supposedly write not for the sake of glory. Just something pushed sideways, the ingenious thought came to mind, it is necessary to carry her descendants urgently. Ha! Tell these fairy tales at reader`s conferences. If, of course, you are invited there. All of us want to become if not Chekhov and Dostoyevsky, then, at least Akunin.

Rose in the morning, drank a kofiya and for work. It would be necessary navayat 5 - 6 pages of the new novel about Voland`s visit to the capital. As! The plot was already demanded? What a cheek. It is necessary to compose about the colonel to whom nobody writes. Here I would be in this life an official or even the general. Then died. In few months nobody, except creditors, will remember. And here glory, as at Pushkin. Ouch yes son of a bitch. Outwitted all. Even eternity. Wigwam!

That is - figs to you.

From huge crowd will break through upward units. Your chance - one to five thousand! No, told lies. To ten. In a casino at such rules of the game there is no client left long ago. Here - a chaos.

U you was not gone yet desire to become the writer? Then remember.

you consider yourself as unrecognized, but very proud genius. You publish the works and you wait for a response of appreciative reader`s audience. And also invitations of large publishing house. Spit. Your destiny - to sweep the yards or to work as the safety engineer in a motor transport service. Learn to sell

of. Yes, yes, yes. The writer and the maid on the panel have identical roots.

No, of course, if you write in a table honor to you and praise. You write, and you read. It is not a pity. This article not for you.

you are ready to come to the panel? Good fellow. We go further.

First of all, it is necessary to achieve that your file was opened by the maximum number of readers. Means, we think out the bright name and the bright summary. For example. You wrote the story. The beginning writer writes only stories. If you are navayal the story or the novel at once, then it is clinic. Address the psychotherapist, and do not read further.

So, there is a story about love of the girl and the boy. Or hobbit and elf. No matter. So far it is unimportant. We call: About love . Nobody reads. We think. How to become the woman . Already best of all. There is a certain double sense. The public stretched. Not one reader a week, and two in day. At once I will make a reservation. It is possible to teach how to attract potential readers. But it is impossible to teach how to force them to read.

Then. We think out the summary. The best to think up restriction. For example: Only for married women . The ban attracts. Already three readers.

Yes, did not forget yet. At placement of the story forget the section prose . In this section only fans of Chekhov are grazed. You, so far, there have nothing to do. Post the opus in the sections fantasy detective story romance novel . Better at once in all three.

On possible reproaches in the wrong addressing - spit. You so far nobody in this world, it is possible to podurit. As Nikita Mikhalkov told: Half-lives you work addressed to, other half-lives the name works for you .

Now about comments. If the reader writes the comment, then his your story hooked . Here - that you also learn everything about yourself. Be ready to the worst. Do not take in head to find the author of the bad comment or a negative assessment and to revenge him. Be not humiliated. Erase the story better and publish it in a new way. Yes, do not write yourself comments. These are bad manners.

Your task - to make history to the work. On it not one month can leave. If you see favorable responses of reader`s audience, begin to distribute the opus on publishing houses. This occupation will not bring big benefit, but will surely broaden the horizons.

About competitions. Participation is obligatory. The result is not important. All the same you will not win. In - the first, there is not enough experience, in - the second, the rules of the game there. But your story will read a lot of people at once.

About time. If you have a lot of free time, do yourself a name. Criticize colleagues. On ten in day. Write reviews. You enter into jury. Hang out everywhere where it is only possible.

And, in end. You cannot but write - write! One drop of water in the sea it is more, one has less. What`s the odds. But the sea consists from