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How to celebrate Day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness?

around the world celebrate on February 17 the Day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness . It is one more occasion to tell I love to the relatives and disinterestedly to help strangers. As a holiday still new and unusual for our latitudes, I will dare to give several hints as he can be marked out.

Bring the soft toys to orphanage. Very often in our houses they are used not for designated purpose, and serve peculiar dust collectors . Neither you, nor your children will play with them any more, and they will give children`s home children the real joy.

Pay for someone journey in public transport. Though tickets happen rather cheap, but nevertheless elderly, needy and homeless people will be pleasantly surprised and inexpressibly glad if you pay their journey.

Buy coffee to the conductor. Only present how it is hard for it to go along the same route from 6 in the morning to 12 in the evening. And at the same time to sell tickets and to swear with hares . Practically near each final stop of land transport compassionate old women sell coffee. Bring to the conductor a glass of fragrant drink and look at its reaction.

Concede someone turn. If you are impatient, can work over elimination of a harmful trait of character in day of kindness. Give way in turn to the one who stands behind you. It can be the housewife in a supermarket or the driver who services the vehicle at the same gas station.

Send to the parents a card with a declaration of love. Even if you daily admit to them it, be not too lazy to write once again sincere words of appreciation, thank them for the fact that they are, and for what they do for you.

Tell the stranger a compliment. Pay compliments this day at least to three strangers. Believe, you improve their mood not only this day, but also for the whole week. And they, in turn, will improve it to someone else.

Carry the homeless a full-fledged lunch. For certain in your yard people who look for leftovers in trash cans regularly meet. Present what to them? And once they were same as you. Just something went to lives not so Leave near a trash can a package of a full-fledged lunch for these people.

Help young mother to take out / bring a baby carriage. When it comes for walk with the small child, there is nobody to help it with a carriage. It will take less than a minute you, and mother and the child will be very grateful to you.

Present to patients with cancer of the book or magazines with real stories of recovery. Seriously ill patients people often despair and do not trust in a possibility of the healing. Show them real stories of people which passed through the same test in due time and proved that treatment is possible.

Day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness helps to understand as far as our acts influence other people. Good deeds are infectious : when we help someone, this person as a token of gratitude helps someone else - there is a chain reaction of kindness. So let`s make spontaneous manifestations of kindness our daily habit, and then the world it will become obligatory a little kinder!