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What it is paradise piece on the earth?


Small Switzerland

the Cities the planet is proud of


Is more, than ours, the cities,

Are Marseille, there is New - York, Yerevan is Only the best of all than

- Dilijan!

(N. Dobronravov, 1969)

Armenia - the amazing country! It is such small, but in all its parts both the climate, and a landscape strongly differ from each other. One of its attractive corners is the mountain balneological resort of Dilijan which stretched green wings the fine virgin forests on gorges of the basin of the rough Aghstev River. Dilijan is at the height of 1200 - 1500 m above sea level.

Climate here soft, moderate. Dilijan - the city - a health resort, the natural reserve with the flora and fauna where it is possible to pass prevention of pulmonary diseases, diseases of nervous system, etc. Dilijan nicknamed small Switzerland from - for its violent nature. This amazing town attracts tourists with the fantastic landscape and historical monuments.

Dilijan in the ancient time served as the place of royal hunting and rest. Dilijan as the settlement is founded in 1826, and in 1951 it found the status of the city. For the first time in written sources the name of the city of Dilijan was mentioned in traveling notes of the French traveler Jean Chardin. It agrees one of hypotheses concerning etymology of the name of the city, one poor peasant walked several days in the woods in search of the ox who was gone in these woods by nickname Dili and at the same time called him: Dili Gian! Dili Gian! but did not find, and the name of the district and remained Dilijan (on Armenian Dilijan sounds).

Rich men of Transcaucasia built the dachas here. In 1958 Dilijan received the status of the city of republican subordination, considering salutary opportunities of the city. Thanks to medicinal mineral waters, clean curative mountain air, a fine landscape Dilijan is exclusive improving edge. The first hospital in Dilijan - Infirmary - it was based by three doctors and a drugstore in 1888 - 89 - x. In 1921 in Dilijan the Armenia`s first antitubercular clinic was open. Here sanatoria " work; Dilijan Mountain Armenia republican antitubercular sanatorium. Production of plant of the " mineral water is in great demand; Dilijan Frolova . And the best advertizing of dilizhansky water was made by Frunzik Mkrtchyan`s hero - professor (driver) Hachikyan - from the immortal comedy Mimino claiming that water in Dilijan takes the second place after San - Frantsisko.

According to a legend, in the rock the source of cold spring water when the tsar Frol passing in these regions struck the rock with a staff opened.

M. Gorky admired the nature of Dilijan: Yes, it is surprisingly beautiful. It seems that mountains shroud and preserve this valley live love and tenderness. At the height of 1500 meters air is unusually transparent and it seems painted in shining darkly - blue color. The most evident impression is the tranquility blowing from the valley

In northern part of the city there is Parz Leitch (the lake Parz - in translation from Armenian parz - clear, pure). The city is known not only the clinics and a mineral source, but also ancient monuments of the Armenian architecture - hachkara, monasteries. The most significant of them are medieval monasteries Dzhukhtak Vank, Goshavank, Matosavank, Agartsin.

Well, unless it is not a piece of paradise in which embraces so warmly and easily how to the baby in embraces of mother? Having enjoyed delights of the wild nature, you will not remain are indifferent to it. Having visited here at least once, you will surely want to return. Will entice. Here it is possible not only to have a rest, having enjoyed delights of the wild nature, the dense woods and the Alpine meadows but also to restore health, having tasted clean mountain air and having enjoyed crystal-clear water from natural mineral sources.

the Region reminding paradise...


it is possible not only to enjoy

aroma of the wood and singing of birds Here, but also to see what refined taste at these women of fashion! In the spring they are dressed up in transparent dresses from gentle green leaflets, and later on their green dresses in a setochka time embroiders tiny flowers. In the summer in the mornings hoarfrost is scattered by champagne splashes on not made by hand green carpet that it is weaved from motley flowers on a grass velvet. By the way, in the summer our women of fashion roll in the magnificent green dresses covered in the multi-colored flowers, embroidered by a beads and beads. In the fall they put on the motley dresses as if a festival of fire, trying to become Ms. ardent passion on ognenno - a red masquerade.

And dress up as if brides in the snow-white attires weaved from gentle lacy snowflakes in the winter. And the dress them is supplemented by costume jewelry - ear rings, garlands from snow. Also it seems that here they will begin to whirl in a ladies` choice dance together with naughty snowflakes now. And at all times years under singing of birds, rustling of foliage, noise of water and murmur of the rivers fireworks from snow, a rain, a decline and dawn, the iridescent bridge and clouds floating on the sky supplement this holiday of the primitive virgin nature.

And everything caresses a look and hearing around. Feeling freshness, ease in everything, you perceive the world differently far from vanity wordly and you realize as the world giving you all the purity, freshness, tenderness, rest and a pacification is beautiful. Also it seems that you already in paradise - such sounds, flowers and smells will definitely not meet in the world. To become a bird, to wave wings and to soar over the green sea!