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Seven councils upon purchase of coffee

of Coffee - darling and the drink adored by us. But sometimes there are situations when under the guise of qualitative coffee try to sell us low-quality goods. To avoid such unpleasant moments, we offer you several councils.

We buy coffee. Council of 1

where you bought coffee is important. Logically. It is necessary to buy (and not only coffee) where are engaged in it professionally. In it two pluses:

is guaranteed quality;

is guaranteed the big range and the help in the choice. So casual sellers of coffee try to avoid


We buy coffee. Council of 2

All agree that the good thing well costs. Coffee in this sense - not an exception. Good coffee is more expensive than a fake. So if in the market or in a stall offer you cheap the most qualitative coffee - reflect!

We buy coffee. Council of 3

At the choice of coffee it is necessary to pay attention to labels. Labels on specialty coffee contain the following information:

country and area of producer of coffee;

degree of a browning of grains.

browning Degree very much influences taste and the price. If you love moderately fried coffee, then pay attention to its value in the offered coffee. If you are a fan of strongly fried coffee, then choose coffee strongly fried. By the way it is interesting that the more grains of coffee are fried, the less in them remains to acidity. And the price of such coffee is less. Fried coffee - the cheapest. It is interesting that French and Italians prefer strongly fried coffee.

We buy coffee. Council of 4

Pay attention to packing of coffee. If packing is untight or damaged, most likely, coffee is a fake. You should not risk and give money for suspicious goods.

We buy coffee. Council of 5

As a rule, is stored by coffee in shops which specialize in sales of different types of products together with other goods in a warehouse. And it for coffee is inadmissible because coffee possesses ability very strongly to absorb foreign smells. If coffee lay near sausage, then quality of such coffee will strongly go down and to get it - to help out sellers.

It is interesting that the Internet - the shops specializing in sales of coffee are deprived of such shortcoming. There you definitely do not buy some coffee with taste of fish and sausage.

We buy coffee. Council of 6

In the world exists a large number of grades of coffee. If you want to try any new grade of coffee - do not hurry. Consult with the seller (if it is, of course, not the seller in the market, they have good all always) and if there are doubts, take a small amount on test. It and is interesting, and will save to you money if this grade is not pleasant to you.

We buy coffee. Council of 7

of course it would be unusual if I did not suggest to buy coffee in specialized the Internet - shop. I work there But nevertheless for the sake of objectivity it should be noted why specialized the Internet - shops it is more preferable:

of coffee is cheaper at excellent quality (everything simply: overhead costs it is less);

in specialized the Internet - shop work, as a rule, true judges and admirers of coffee, there you will not find either some sausage, or fish, nor the other accompanying goods;

fast delivery of coffee to the specified address;

very big range;

an opportunity to esteem reviews on the Internet of this shop.

So rely on my long-term experience, and successful to you purchases.