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Polygamy questionable or whether all women of the planet Can marry?

A in ancient African tribes polygamy takes sometimes absolutely terrible forms: leaders of tribes have on several hundreds of wives, and several tens are considered a commonplace. But anyway polygamy where it was, remains the privilege of a class top.

As for a religious aspect of business, with transition to class society almost all Christian churches and sects before allowing polygamy begin to preach a monogamy, excluding some sects, type of Mormons.

Of world religions, consistently and constantly preaching polygamy, Islam is only. The Koran allows to the Muslim also today to have two - four wives. It is necessary to notice that Islamic polygamy has rather powerful social and moral reasons. The Muslim wife, be she even the fourth, will never become a lonely widow, the relative of her late husband by all means marries it - obligations of the family relations are unambiguously stated in the Koran. So wives - Muslims are much more protected from loneliness, in comparison with their European and American friends.

And if to look at the world from the point of view of a disproportion of number of men and women, then polygamy can seem the only solution here.

Let`s try to dream! Of how many problems the legalized polygamy would relieve modern women!

So, simple arithmetics it is enough to see impossibility of all women to be married. In Russia as of 2002 women are 10 million more, than men; the superiority in strength of women is reflected by figure in eight million in the USA. What remains to them, unmarried, divorced and to widows? What word to call in what unmarried women who, however, do not agree to go to the monastery are forced to be engaged or to plunge completely into work? Naturally, not really good. Perhaps, some of these women would agree to be called " more willingly; second wife instead of razvedenka or single mother .

And here, perhaps, polygamy would be unprofitable to men at all, will surprise nobody with a family love triangle today. Well-known the fact that the huge percent of men and women has secret life. In other words, to have the mistress it is not considered business vicious or shameful today.

And it is possible, polygamy could adjust this situation a little. Women less willingly would enter in connection with married men, forcing them to be married thereby. And official bigamists would bear already double liability for all the harem. It is natural that spoiled freebie men never and in a bad dream would like polygamous society. The same who is ready to undertake double responsibility would receive bonus in the form of the additional wife.

And those men who and at the current situation everything are have one more, illegitimate, a family which manage to have the mistress, children from it and even property, joint with them? Yes it also is that other as polygamy, only hidden. As far as it is widespread in society today, all of us perfectly know.

Interesting fact: statistically, Muslim men have polygamous marriage much less often presently, than Europeans and Americans - illegitimate communication. So the Muslim world appears in practice more monogamous. So that`s that.

To what all of us - domechtatsya? Before polygamy declaration? So, it seems, there was also no wish to proclaim it!

Yes Nikulin`s hero already considered and sang all this nearly half a century back! Also came to a stunning conclusion: Much better absolutely without wife!

The polygamy question is too ambiguous. Therefore there is nothing to dream, all remain on the places! And we will live in the monogamous world, having everyone (or almost everyone) own polygamous secret.