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Who created the Russian Shveyk? Considering strokes to V. Voynovich`s portrait of

that Voynovich V. N. systematically is engaged in activity hostile to USSR, causes the behavior damage to prestige of the USSR, the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR decides:

on the basis of article 18 of the Law USSR of December 1, 1978 About citizenship of the USSR for the actions discrediting a high rank of the citizen of the USSR to deprive of citizenship of the USSR Voynovich Vladimir Nikolaevich, 1932 year of birth, the native of mountains. Dushanbe.

Chairman of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR L. Brezhnev.

Moscow, the Kremlin, on June 16, 1981

Then in June, 1981 Vladimir Voynovich, being in Germany, wrote to L. Brezhnev the letter where in particular it was told: I as was the Russian writer and the citizen, so and I will remain it to the death and even after it .

the brightest work of Vladimir Voynovich - the novel Life and extraordinary adventures of the soldier Ivan Chonkin - for the first time it was published abroad. It was the novel - a joke in which the naive ridiculous Red Army man Chonkin appears in the center voyenno - political intrigues of backward level. But intrigues, lie and even change to the Soviet state, encountering on Chonkina, some inexplicably become ridiculous, turn into a caricature.

... There passed years, the soldier Ivan Chonkin became the same cult character, as well as the gallant soldier Shveyk. Small, bandy-legged, in the soldier`s blouse which got off under a belt, in the garrison cap pulled over large red ears and in the slipping windings Chonkin was necessary to the reader. Both late Soviet, and present.

And the Soviet nationality was returned to V. Voynovich in 1990 by M. Gorbachev`s decree.

* * * Once I brought

by the car on air in Vladimir Voynovich`s Ostankino. He lived then in Munich, in Moscow was arrivals and here had no car. When went, he asked what car should be bought in Moscow. I answered that best of all cheap - if is stolen, it will be not so a pity. He asked:

- What cheap?

- Well, the five, in sense VAZ 21053, or the seventh model, - I told.

I listened to Voynovich`s air with half an ear, sitting in an equipment room. That day I had many other cares and on a broadcasting schedule my colleagues had to work in studio. However, it was visible: Vladimir Nikolaevich is glad that an opportunity to communicate to readers of his books that it is direct interactive air was presented. Nowadays it in Ostankino is impossible.

I from Ostankino too together with Voynovich came back. Near the WORKER & the COLLECTIVE FARMER the car was stopped by the inspector of GAI. This gaishny captain at first detained the foreign car with numbers on a yellow background, and then and my car moving afterwards. Driver yellow vigorously pushed some document in slightly slightly opened window and left, and the cap switched to me.

- You, companion driver, made violation at journey of the intersection, - the inspector joyfully told me and waiting stared at me. That time on a windshield of my car there was no plate PRESS and therefore the cap quietly waited for a standard gift. I cannot distinctly explain it, but to bribe the GAI officer in the face of the father soldier Chonkin me it seemed indecent. I spitefully looked at the captain and, having grinned, impudently declared:

- Mister inspector and what you have proofs that I violated Traffic regulations?

Cap obviously did not expect such impudence and therefore missed speed. Without allowing it to come round, I continued:

- you release some yellow drivers, - I hinted at the foreign car, - and here the writer Vladimir Voynovich, the author of the soldier Chonkin sits in the car, read, likely?

The captain, most likely, thought that the next city madman got to him, decided not to communicate, told only: I did not do military service and about your soldier I know nothing . On that also left.

I did not begin to speak to Voynovich about this last phrase of the gaishny captain. While went, told how my wife Ivetta who graduated filfak from MSU in the middle of 70 - x, remembered once that Chonkin went at them in lists. On bad paper, with a blind font, but there was the whole turn.

- It is necessary, I did not know, - the touched author with

A generally answered me, it is very pleasant to me that father the soldier Ivan Chonkin went in my car once.


Voynovich Vladimir Nikolaevich
, the writer, the poet, the playwright, was born on September 26, 1932 in Stalinabade (nowadays Dushanbe, Tajikistan), the author of the trilogy about the soldier Chonkin - Life and extraordinary adventures of the soldier Ivan Chonkin (1969 - 1975), Applicant for a throne (1979), Displaced person (2007), and also the novel - anti-Utopia Moscow 2042 (1987), etc. Vladimir Voynovich`s books are translated into 30 languages.