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Tonner dolls. Heard about such?

When I began to write this article, I understood that I should collect a lot of information on these dolls, to revise photos, and I really was afraid to ache Tonnerami. Well, I will tell you at once, my fears were confirmed, now I do not sleep at night and I dream at least of five such dolls!

In these dolls it is necessary to fall in love! They are such different, it is so qualitative and realistic are made, to you will surely occur among them such which will seem ideal. All Toners of releases of the last years completely hinged: they have a mobile neck, wrists, shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, a waist, and there is even a hinge under a breast.

Tonnerov it is possible to divide into several categories. These dolls differ on growth (from 20 to 56 centimeters), a hair color and bodies, on mobility, and even on completeness! It is worth noticing that no you will find a low-quality doll in one of these categories. And, pleasantly surprises not only quality of dolls, but also dresses. The clothes for Tonnerov are sewed as if on human patterns, beautiful, accurate, with a set of fine details and almost always on a pad!

Tonnera happen mass and limited. The first are rather popular and though cost little not, to buy them nevertheless quite really. And here the second are issued sometimes circulation only several dolls, they cost huge money and it is not simple to find them. Most often collectors buy these dolls on e - bay, there is much cheaper than Tonnera, than in toy store and besides the choice is more various. In Toy Store to you limited Tonnerov definitely not to find.

Attract Toners with the realness. They are similar rather to people, than on dolls. They have a surprising look, nothing the general with a silly smile of a doll of Barbie. Please also bodies of these dolls, everyone can buy such what will be pleasant: there are both thin girls, and the real fatties. Children, teenagers, adults, men, the woman - whom are only not present among Tonnerov! You have more to liking fantastic heroes? Please, here to you a charming doll of Tonner Wicked Witch with green skin or Luna - with blue!

It has to be interesting to you who created these fantastically realistic dolls? In 1982 the American artist and the collector Robert Tonner decided to try the hand in creation of author`s dolls. As you can see, it managed it! In 1991 Robert founded own company on production of dolls - Tonner Doll Company. And though Robert was a collector earlier, he against dolls lay in the boxes and were only copies from a collection. Robert Tonner is sure that it is necessary to play with dolls, surrounding them with care and attention.

Children and adults play with Robert Tonner`s dolls worldwide! Yes it and should be found, perhaps, more than such remarkable doll as Tonner Doll. Tonnerov it is convenient to dress up and photograph: they very mobile, they can give any pose.

For Toners it is convenient to sew: the bulk of these dolls is larger, than standard Barbie. Well, and what joy these dolls bring to children, and it is not necessary to speak! One more plus of these dolls is that they rather strong, it is difficult to break them unlike fragile collection dolls.

Here such magnificent dolls Robert Tonner created. If you are in toy store, surely look on Tonnerov. Perhaps, you will leave several thousands of rubles here and will get a wonderful doll. Be careful, these dolls of very few people left indifferent!