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Whether you love the native land as I love it?

Came hard times and whether long they will last, nobody knows. Egypt, Turkey and the Black Sea coast, quite available not so long ago for rest, became absolutely not so available. However, it is not a reason for grief especially as many already gorged on so especially you should not grieve tropical exotic and who was not in time, still ahead.

For now look around. Isn`t it time, my friends to pay attention to the surrounding nature, the world within, so to speak, step availability. I assure you what it is enough to look narrowly more attentively, and you will notice a chasm surprising and unique in, apparently, ordinary and familiar landscape. I will not admire beauty untouched genius the person of the nature for which it is possible and it is necessary to admire infinitely, and just opposite to that, I want to describe the nature after impact of the person on it. I think that it is possible to find in the majority of our settlements and their vicinities without effort something similar.

So, we will talk about the thrown coal pit. By the way, I do not know why, but it is accepted to call coal pits cuts. As in our district traditions of coal mining consign to the remote past, and cuts there was very much, here for an example one of them here.

The sizes do not strike it with the grandness at all: in length of kilometer of two, in width of meters seven hundred and about eighty meters in depth. Roads down on which once on BelAZ took out coal and breed became useless, all of them are excised by deep furrows, these are traces of spring and rain tides. Which - where directly from boards of a section streamlets of ground waters flow down down. Here so together terrestrial and heavenly moisture filled two deepest sites of a section, and level it continues to arrive every year, nobody pumps out this water as it was at the time of coal mining.

If to look from an edge of steep, especially in a sunny weather, then, it seems that below lie two huge poured an emerald. At the bottom of a man-made ditch always very quietly, here city noise, this very suitable place almost do not reach to relax and meditate. Even if above it is windy, on a water surface only insignificant ripples, for bathing what the doctor registered. Here it is possible to sit with a rod, local perches indulge skillful fishermen a quite good catch. From where fish, you ask. Most likely, seagulls from the next reservoirs which around great variety brought.

It is very interesting to consider from below the steep walls of a section, fancy drawings formed by layers of various terrestrial breeds they fall under a big corner down, go almost parallel to a surface. Marble layers under one of which traces of old mine development from which there were only remains squeezed by mountain pressure wooden are visible occur among them fix. A hade (inclination) of old development rather big so efforts for delivery on - the mountain of the got piece of coal should be put considerable, mechanization in mines was almost not in those days. It is necessary to tell that old developments meet everywhere as earlier in this territory there were several small mines. Also coal layers which hands of miners did not reach in due time come across.

In the winter slopes of a section and dumps of breed are used by boys for downhill racing on skis and on various make-shifts. The idea about creation here of the real ski slopes soars in air. And if to lay the route from top of dumps of breed to the bottom of a section, then the height difference will make more than hundred meters, it is quite enough for decent descent. The city authorities miss a unique opportunity for creation of very profitable enterprise. The distance on a straight line from the downtown to a section makes a little more than a kilometer so, undoubtedly, this hill would enjoy wide popularity. In the summer cyclists - thrill-seekers could use routes.

Certainly, as a result of activity of the person the terrestrial surface is fairly deformed by places, but each phenomenon has pluses and minuses, and if we got such inheritance, let`s try to derive from this some benefit.