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What to pay attention at the choice of a children`s bathing suit to?

Of course, parents decide how their child will bathe. Some children almost to school bathe and sunbathe stark naked. As some adults consider, small children have nothing to hesitate. But it is necessary to understand that can get into genitals sand, seaweed and dirt. In - the first, it is unhygienic. And in - the second, it can become the reason of inflammatory diseases.

There is also an opinion that it is better for small children to bathe in usual cotton shorts. However one shorts on the beach you will not manage. It is necessary to change clothes of the child after each bathing, such shorts are quickly soiled, long dry and can become the overcooling reason.

If you want to avoid above-mentioned problems, buy the child of melting or a bathing suit. They are intended for bathing and games on the beach: quickly dry, do not stretch from water, well fit a figure, without passing sand and dirt. Modern materials for bathing suits are hypoallergenic and do not cause the increased sweating. Most often they contain 80% of polyamide (it is marked as RA) and 20% of an elastane (in abbreviated form EL).

Polyamide. Products from polyamide are steady against the salty and chlorinated water, quickly dry and do not change a form.

Elastane. This material well stretches and easily comes back to an initial state. A product in which the elastane is applied do not hold down movements, are steady against the chlorinated and sea water, a sunlight, pollution and keep bright color and excellent appearance long time. An elastane in a children`s bathing suit there have to be no more than 30%, and that fabric will not be to breathe .

In children`s assortment of clothes for swimming there are cotton bathing suits and shorts - dutik. They are pleasant for a body, however are intended rather for rest in the open air (the beach, the dacha, picnic) as they after a namokaniye hold a form badly and very quickly wear out from salty water and a bright sun.

What to pay attention at the choice of a bathing suit to?

- on a bathing suit and swimming trunks: trademark, ways of leaving and size, percentage of fabric;

- the clothing size for bathing can be designated: according to age (2Y - 6Y), according to growth (92 - 98), and also in a combination growth and a semi-grasp of a breast (for example, 104/28);

- check seams: lines have to be qualitative, without the sticking-out threads, fabric tucks, on seams holes from a needle and inhalings should not be noticeable;

- jewelry and accessories have to be sewn tightly, the kid can swallow the torn-off bead or a small button;

- stretch a bathing suit: if it easily and quickly accepted the initial size - means, fabric qualitative;

- rub fabric in several places a white scarf: if there are no paint traces on it - means, color of a bathing suit long will remain bright.

That the bathing suit served long, it is necessary for correctly to look after it .

the Bathing suit is not intended for daily socks. Change clothes of the child before return home.

After bathing surely wash a bathing suit according to conditions which are specified on marking. Usually recommend products to erase from polyamide in warm water without addition of the softening means and manually. When washing in the washing machine on fabric the rumpled folds which cannot be removed then can be formed.

After rinsing straighten a bathing suit (or swimming trunks) and hang up to dry. But you do not dry a bathing suit on heating devices.

is not recommended to Iron clothes for bathing. Purchase of a bathing suit or swimming trunks has to please with

the child. This article of clothing bright and that the main thing, emphasizes distinctions between boys and girls. From 3 years children feel like not really comfortably naked child in the presence of the dressed peers. And still kids want to be similar to parents: the boy in swimming trunks looks as the father, and the girl in a bathing suit - just as mummy!

About the most widespread types of bathing suits and swimming trunks it is possible to esteem in the following article.