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How to the woman quickly to be prepared for appointment?

In order that passed appointment successfully, the woman has to look faultlessly. If you foreknew

about the forthcoming appointment, so will manage to make toilet. But whether it is possible to look ideally on unexpected appointment if time for collecting is limited? Of course!


Most of men pays attention to a hairdress of the companion. Hair are a subject of admiration and attention of a man`s half of mankind for a long time. Extremely unpleasantly on appointment to be tormented with thought that your hair do not look ideally pure. That this thought did not sadden to you evening, be engaged in a hairdress first of all.

If you have a short hairstyle , then wash hair better. Drying by the hair dryer will take you only several minutes. Also be not upset if you do not manage to build intricate laying. Easy negligence of clean hair nevertheless is better, than untidiness dirty.

If you have long hair - make a tail. Such hairdress will approach any dress. It always looks actually and elegantly. That hair had no the greased appearance, slightly sprinkle a massage brush with dry shampoo or hair talc. Comb hair, having paid special attention to places where they look fat. Or strew with talc finger-tips and rub them hair. It will help to eliminate a greasy luster. Stir up hair that traces of talc did not remain on them. Then incline the head forward and dry locks the hair dryer, raising them on a nape. Collect hair in a tail, having fixed them by a beautiful hairpin or an elastic band. After that sprinkle a hairdress a varnish of average fixing.


If in day of romantic appointment at you face spot jumped out, be not upset. At first clear skin lotion or tonic to clean a greasy luster. Then apply on a heat-spot tip the proofreader, without shading. Powder a face, avoiding the disguised place.

the Body

If you want to behave within decency, put on ugly linen and forget about depilation. If you are not going to be limited to a romantic dinner, and hope for continuation of appointment in more intimate situation, then it is better to get rid of undesirable hair. But even the fastest way (shaving) in the conditions of haste can become problematic. The irritation and cuts are capable to spoil thoroughly the forthcoming evening. To avoid unnecessary injuries of skin, moisten it before shaving. Body lotion or even hair conditioner can become alternative to shaving cream. The remains of such means can be not washed away, rather simply to remove them a towel.


the Peeled-off varnish on nails will make indelible impression on the man! Spend minute for removal of an old varnish better. If to put a new varnish to time is not present, use the strengthening covering or base under manicure. Nails will look brilliant and healthy. If you still paint over nails from the inside a white manicure pencil, then at you the fashionable service jacket will turn out always! Do not forget to grease before an exit hands cream. It will be pleasant to man to hold you by a hand which skin soft and gentle.

the Make-up

Most often men notice two extremes: if you are not made up or if are made up too brightly. Not to look blankly or, on the contrary, vulgarly, allocate some one part of the face: lips or eyes.

To make eyes more expressive, use the following reception of a make-up. Emphasize an upper eyelid on edge of eyelashes. For this purpose draw a thin line over the top eyelashes a pencil of gray, brown or black color. Shade it a finger or a brush a little. Then very carefully draw the same line from the inside under the top eyelashes. Previously check on the hand back, whether not too a firm and sharp pencil.

If to draw a white pencil for eyes a line on inside of a lower eyelid, then the look becomes attractive, and eyes visually increase. If you had an intense day and whites of the eyes reddened, use not white, but light-a blue pencil.


be not overzealous. Very strong smell even of qualitative spirits can fairly impair a little to you evening. It is enough to apply of two - three drops of perfume on the pulsing points. If you use toilet water, scatter it before yourself over the head and pass through a fragrant cloudlet.

Choosing aroma, consider that fruit smells excite, and notes of laurels, benzopyrone, a bergamot emphasize inaccessibility of the woman.

Try to get rid of own unpleasant smells also. Men most often are negative to a tobacco smell from a mouth of the smoking woman. Chew a parsley branch before appointment, it will kill an unpleasant smell for half an hour. If you want to achieve longer effect, rinse a mouth mint water (3 - 4 drops of tincture of a peppermint on a glass of water).

Well, here you are also ready to appointment! The real man, of course, will never point out the defects of a hairdress or a make-up, but if you want to feel confident, take the listed advice. And then your romantic evening will pass even better, than you planned!