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Future boor already here?

on pages of newspapers and magazines can often be met in recent years such headings: So at us with poetry? Neither country, nor stage On a dream of poets Unwritten manifestos etc.

The Poetry leaves, it - the marginal occupation unnecessary the matured society less and less inclined to dream, to high, to inexpressible. Future boor already here - the statement belonging to the modern journalist Yury Kolker. do not call

Yes, of poets on television and radio, do not read verses in buses and trolleybuses! But and in trolleybuses almost do not go!

Everything flows - all changes! What changed in poetry? He is living our, native poet, in whom call of duty did not cool down who heart it is incorruptible is direct in whom talent, force, accuracy? (N. A. Nekrasov) Verses are not necessary to

also their place today - in the museum, or rumors about death of poetry are strongly exaggerated?

we Will begin to understand one after another.

Time - do not choose - the wise everyday precept occurs. One is clear for poetry: its mode - her coauthor. Let`s address at the right time, close our, timidly groping new rules. Let`s remember 20 - 30 - e: Yesenin hung himself, Mayakovsky was shot, Akhmatova became silent, Mandelstam went to poor translations, silence caught up with Pasternak a bit later ( At me later and later - he said). Tsvetaeva in France writes more and more seldom and the land. Writers 30 - also stay in confusion: Bulgakov, Platonov and Zoshchenko just prepare for the main fulfillments and painfully break himself.

Understanding of an inevitable change and in ineradicable hope: and suddenly will manage? - unsteady time for art. The absolute evil, Thomas Mann wrote, it is moral well: in relation to it it is simpler to be defined.

is possible, because and the poetry in comparison to historical development is in a condition of a frost (Historians allocate 4 stages: revolution, frost, thaw, stagnation. - Comment) .

the Theory about recurrence of life - competence of history. As it is breathed to the poet in our unsteady time, whether there are poetic or unpoetic times - we asked such questions modern poets:

- is categorical: unpoetic times do not happen, there are separate groups of people, untalented, unreceptive to poetry. These busy persons consumption of some products only for a stomach. Whatever happened in any community from the most primitive existence - the people capable to think poetically are born.

(A. D. Stepanov, honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation, mentor of creative youth of Tolyatti).

we also went To searches of these talents.

it Turned out that in our city they unite in Union of Russian

of writers and Russian Writers` Union participate in literary soirees at which

actively accept young poets and prose writers in the ranks. And in a world wide web only on the National server of modern poetry 115493 authors are published. And it, friends, is a lot of!

We, Russians soul, is also more than whoever - that was we love our

of domestic poets. In a rating (on the websites all in the same to a web ) the best

authors it is still possible to see familiar surnames: Pushkin, Tsvetaeva,

Mandelstam, Blok, Yesenin and others. to us the chairman of the board of the Russian Writers` Union, Valery Ganichev told

About a literary situation in the city of Tolyatti


In Tolyatti rather strong literary change which

can shortly declare itself loud works " grows ripe;

Perhaps, is told too categorically, but A. D. Stepanov

agrees: The youth Surrounding me is talented . All this

gives to us a reason, with full confidence to say about

the fact that the poetry is live. And as to us would be to live differently? Poetry -

the only thing that keeps human heat under cold

the terrestrial sky. It is small, insignificant heat, but without it there is no person.