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Who are they are nominees of the Oscar of 2009?

on February 22, 2009 there takes place the main event for film fans of the whole world - 81 ceremonies of delivery of awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 2009.

As a rule, the list of nominees of the Oscar is very closely connected with characters Gold " globe; - an award, the second for prestigiousness, in the field of cinema, critics call it Rehearsal of the Oscar . But this year all not absolutely so. If on January 22, 2009 the Gold globe the favourite had a movie The Millionaire from slums the main movie of the Oscar it is possible to call safely David Ffincher`s picture Mysterious history of Benjamin Batton . 13 nominations are a serious application for that not only to become the movie of year, but also to compete with " Titanic; James Cameron and Lord of the Rings: Return of the king Peter Jackson which carried away home 11 Oscars in due time. Further follows The millionaire from slums with 10 nominations, treated kindly by the Gold globe up and down. It is followed by the biographic drama Harvey Milk Gus Van Sant and the most high grossing film of this year Dark knight . At both movies on eight nominations . Also it is worth selecting the animated film VALL*I who, unlike the fellows, could receive the whole 6 nominations.

the Best movie

the Main contender for a rank of the best movie is Mysterious history of Benjamin Batton . In 166 minutes of timing the movie could include all signs of the real masterpiece. Collaborations of David Ffincher and Brad Pete always forced to attract attention, still since " Fight club; but this time they achieved much bigger. His main competitor The Millionaire from slums cannot brag of any famous actor, but takes a plot and workmanship. Frost against Nixon Ron Howard tells about the main political scandal of 1972, however cannot count on a lot of things. Harvey Milk proves once again how critics like political movies and if some sexual minorities are involved, then the movie is nominated surely. So was with " in due time; Philadelphia the turn to " reached now; Harvey Milka . Reader with its four nominations in spite of the fact that it is the screen version of the best-seller of Bernhard Schlink, on the serious applicant for a rank Movie of year does not pull.

the Best actor

the Main applicant on a rank of the best actor can call by

Mickey Rourke`s for work in Darren Aronofsky`s drama Wrestler . In - the first because the actor won the Gold globe for the best drama role, and in - the second, he really deserved it. By the way, it was its first nomination both on the Globe, and on Oscar. For the first time for a male lead also Brad Pitt is nominated by . For it it will be the second visit of a ceremony after 1996 when it was nominated for 12 monkeys Terry Gilliam. Sean Penn for a role in the movie Harvey Milk . The role of the homosexual who fights for the rights in 1994 brought Oscar Tom to Hanks in the same Philadelphia but at Oscar-winning Shauna Penna it will hardly turn out. Frank Landzhella for Richard Nixon`s role in Frost against Nixon also it is nominated for the first time, but while there are Mickey Rourke and Brad Pitt, to count there is nothing. Also nominees Richard Jenkins for the movie " is listed; Visitor which was released still on September 7, 2007, and in any way cannot be nominated this year. the Best actress

Here extremely difficult precisely to determine by

the winner. The gold globe in this nomination was won by Kate Winslet for a role in the movie Road of changes and for Oscar it was not even nominated therefore one after another. For Meryl Streep a role in the movie Doubt turned back the 15th nomination on an award. Already having twice received a treasured award in 1980 and 1983, 59 - the summer actress wishes to receive it again. The wife of our nominee Brad - Angelina Jolie is also present at the list of invited. After receiving in 2000 Oscar for The Best female role of the second plan the actress made every effort to receive a figurine for a leading role. A role in the detective drama Substitution Clint Eastwood can quite become its chance. Also one of the main nominees is Kate Winslet`s , only for a role in the movie Reader . In my opinion, it is the most worthy candidate. Having received at the last ceremony of the Gold globe two figurines at once, it already has to realize, at last, the nomination, at least from the sixth time. Melissa Leo for a role in the low budget tape " became the beginner of an award ; The Frozen river . Through comedies and melodramas reached the nomination of Ann Hathaway for a role in Johnathan Demme`s drama Rachael marries . Perhaps, in the future it is also waited by an award, but not for this role.

the Best supporting actor

At this ceremony will become finally clearly whether it is possible to receive Oscar posthumously? As the main candidate undoubtedly is Heath Ledger for the penultimate role in the movie Dark knight . Heath posthumously received awards in this nomination at all ceremonies, apart from Satellite Awards . Even it is a little a pity that everything is already predetermined as there are also not less talented actors in this nomination. At least Robert Downey Jr. for a role of the black five-time Oscar winner Kirk Lazarus in the movie Soldiers of failure . The Oscar winner Philipp Seymour Hoffman who since 2006 is nominated nearly an every year, applies for an award for a role " today; Doubt . From beginners at us here Josh Brolin with a role in the movie Harvey Milk and Michael Shannon for the movie Road of changes . By the way, it is the only person who could win this award against Heath on already mentioned Satellite Awards .

the Best supporting actress

Marisa Tomei for a role in the movie Wrestler . In 1993 she already proved that also Oscar for the movie " is the worthy actress; My cousin Vini in the same nomination confirmed it. A role in Aronofsky`s drama also very difficult, but whether it is worthy a treasured award?. One of the main pretenders can call the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz for a role in the new movie of Woody Alain Vicki Christina Barselona . Critics of the whole world noted emotional game of Penelope that they do especially often after an exit in 2007 Returns where Cruz played a leading role. At once two actresses came for start from the movie Doubt (rub if to include Meryl Streep). Their names of Amy Adams and Viola Davies . Amy subdued public last year the picture Captivated . This year it passed into a drama genre, and here we already see the first results. The viol is listed at us nominees - beginners. Also at the nomination there is an actress with a rare name Taradzhi P. Hanson for already familiar picture Mysterious history of Benjamin Batton . Not the favourite, but also

you should not charge-off from it. the Best director

Each of nominees deserves an award, but especially it was deserved by David Ffincher who this year told to the world of Benjamin Battona. In 16 years this person removed at least four masterpieces, including the last. Its such movies, as " Fight club; Game and Seven already at the time of an exit got approval of the audience, and in the next years acquired the status of cult. Unfortunately, critics of his efforts do not notice, but, seemingly, 2009 will become year of Ffincher. Danny Boyle shot the main movie - The Millionaire from slums but whether it is worthy the highest award? The gold globe told Yes but whether Oscar will support him, it is unknown. Ron Howard shot the main movie too, but that left in 2002 and was called Beautiful Mind . It brought to Ron two Oscar: for the best movie and as the best director. Frost against Nixon - it is only the intermediate stage on the way to the real masterpieces. Stephen Doltri for the director`s career shot only three feature films, each of which was nominated for Oscar, including the last - Reader . Results force to admire it, but to prophesy an award to other persons. Gus Van Sant will come to a ceremony for the second time, after 1998 when it was nominated for the movie Clear head Will Hunting now with the movie Harvey Milk . It is interesting that the director is madly appreciated at various film festivals, such as Berlin or Cannes, but when business reaches Oscar, the director is desperately not lucky.

the Best animation movie

In this nomination is available for us history of the " robot ; VALL*I , dog by nickname Volt , and invincible The Shelter - faugh Pandas . In spite of the fact that on a box office the last nominee is in the lead, critics of the whole world unanimously want only one: to hand a well-deserved reward VALL*I which enjoys some immense love of the audience.

To call other nominees there is no sense. In - the first, it is interesting to nobody, and in - the second, to analyze the nominations it seems the best scenery or the best installation of sound effects very daunting, and without vocational education and at all it is impossible.

Will be confirmed or forecasts of this article will be disproved on February 22, you learn if you do not miss 81 ceremonies of delivery of awards of an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, or just Oscar 2009 !