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Driving in the family way? To pregnant women on a note of

Pregnancy is not an illness, this state of mind! Who did not hear this expression? Another thing is that one future mummies completely agree with it, but there are also those to whom, unfortunately, is what to object about it. Certainly, ability it is easy for someone to bear the child it is simply given by the nature, another pregnancy drops out heavier, the third in general should live nearly all 9 months under the motto: Day passed - and is fine .

With approach of pregnancy in life of the woman a lot of things change if not to tell - all. Now future mummy has a huge number of questions of those things which seemed natural earlier and did not raise any doubts. For example, whether it is possible in the family way to continue to drive the car? How on the road to secure itself and the kid? What needs to be remembered to drivers - puzatika ? Still, from now on in the center of attention - the new arisen life, a defenseless tiny being who after 40 weeks of existence in a womb turns into the independent personality for now its full development entirely in mother`s hands.

I remember how my former colleague, the same inveterate motorist, as well as I, having learned about the pregnancy, at once hurried to ask me the most important question: How you think, that it is possible to drive the car-? . It is necessary to tell that personally at me, for example, this question, fortunately, did not arise. I went and continued to go quietly before the 9th month, then it became inconvenient to get into the car from - for high landings. Besides I admit that " questions; And you will go to maternity hospital itself by car? forced me to reconsider a little a situation, there was a wish to use in recent weeks term the interesting situation and to pokapriznichat a little that for you flirted, paid you due attention and care. It is necessary to tell that all this time, having been driving, I felt absolutely comfortably and safely, and, above all - there were no contraindications. Probably, therefore question To go or not to go? avoided me.

Meanwhile experts also agree in opinion: if mummy feels perfectly, and driver`s skills correspond to the due level, then why and is not present? In this case the pregnant woman can quietly steer the car, without forgetting about all precautionary measures. If in this case you are a beginner, then, certainly, it is not the best moment for experiments and increase of the driver`s skill. In - the first, risk of the beginning driver to get into accident much above, in - the second, stresses to which beginners are exposed for pregnant women not only are not desirable, but also are dangerous.

By the way, the set restrictions on pregnancy terms for management of a car do not exist. Here it is necessary to rely on own health and, certainly, to listen to recommendations of the gynecologist. If you have an early or late toxicosis, anemia, threat of not incubation, spasms or some other problems with health, certainly, is better not to endanger neither itself, nor the child. In a case when pregnancy proceeds without complications, it is necessary to be more attentive on the road and to consider some specific moments connected with interesting situation.

In - the first, do not forget that pregnancy often is followed by drowsiness, increased fatigue and the slowed-down concentration of attention. Observe the high-speed modes, choose the checked routes, during long trips stop and do respites.

In - the second, you watch that situation in a chair was the most convenient. It is possible to try to enclose a small pillow under a waist, to lower a seatback slightly below, to create distance between you and a wheel not less than 10 - 15 cm. Only do not forget that anyway visibility should not suffer from it.

Besides, pay special attention to a seat belt. That it carried out the main mission - protection, it is necessary to be fastened correctly. The belt has to settle down over and under a stomach, but not on it at all. It is also possible to get a special seat belt for future mothers. It is rather convenient and well protects from blows. The main difference of such invention - four points of fastening and the increased elasticity. By the way, it can use if you are on a passenger seat.

Do not forget about obligatory existence in the car of the medical first-aid kit. Here only, as we know, not all drugs are resolved during pregnancy. Therefore in advance consult with the specialist in an occasion of this or that medical supply from a standard set of the automobile first-aid kit. For emergencies near at hand there have to be a liquid ammonia, sterile bandage and cotton wool, iodine, brilliant green, an adhesive plaster, but - a shpa, antihistaminic, gastric means and means against a motion sickness (what will be specified by the doctor). By itself, take in the road drinking water or juice and something edible (nutlets, cookies, lollipops). And surely mobile phone!

Derive pleasure from driving, avoid an overstrain and stresses and if you feel that now not time, better leave independent trips driving until when the child leaves limits of a mother`s tummy. Comfortable interesting situation to you and it is as much as possible positive in life!