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What was symbolized in Russia by a willow?

Slowly thaw snow, cheerful streamlets stream, on the sky clouds slowly float... Almost inaudible aroma of the spring coming to life nature which first joyful sign is a willow with modest fluffy kidneys of silvery color of

soars in air From time immemorial Slavs treated a willow with special feeling. In pagan Russia the willow was used in numerous ceremonies . Before the others, this tree which wakened after long winter, absorbing the first sunshine, the most life-giving and gentle was allocated with huge force.

After adoption of Christianity the willow took even more important place, having become attribute of one of the main orthodox holidays . It replaced in Russia palm branches which inhabitants of Judea welcomed Jesus Christ before an entrance to Jerusalem. On preeaster festive church church service the willow is solemnly consecrated.

The willow, a symbol of spring and fertility , began to represent health, pleasure and life . Attributed to the consecrated branches of a willow really wonderful abilities. Its curative force was tried to be extended long since to all surrounding life. So, in Pussy-willow revival baked special pies with fluffy kidneys. Pussy-willow kidneys were eaten by patients with fever and women who wanted to recover from infertility. Did powder for treatment of wounds of them. Believed that the consecrated branch will cure the unhealthy person if to touch with it his legs.

And still say that if to put a branch on the head and to tie a scarf, there will pass the headache. And of course, the custom is well-known to whip pussy-willow rods of children. At the same time sentenced that their Virgin beats, granting them thus health and relieving of negative energy. The consecrated willow - guarantee of wellbeing of pets. Twigs cattle expelled to fields, put under a shed roof, treated with pies with a willow to protect from diseases.

Besides, in Russia willows believed in magic properties . If to throw it against wind, the storm will calm down and the hail will stop. To stop the fire, it is necessary to throw in fire. The consecrated fluffy branches stored in a red corner nearby or after images. Before going to consecrate a new willow, last year`s let on a watercourse, stuck to the earth in a kitchen garden or near the house. Such willow protected crops and the dwelling from evil spirit. On an old rural belief the tree helped to distinguish the witch. On the Holy Saturday it is necessary to burn a branch and if the woman soon comes and will ask a spark, then it also is the witch. At last, the willow was a bravery embodiment. Advised the shy person to drive a branch piece in a house wall.

At the same time in Russia with precaution treated old hollow willows : thought that in their branches any evil spirits frolic. However and the old tree can be useful. Tradition claims, lives in branches of the willow growing at the river bank Water. The lonely girl dreaming of love has to come to such willow on which leaves were not dismissed yet, in the last day of the decreasing moon and to attach to a branch a bright tape or part of color paper with the written request and to leave without looking back. The second time this year it is impossible to approach this tree. Believed that after Water mourns loneliness of the girl, she by all means will meet the beloved who will become her husband.

The consecrated willow is capable to help everyone to the person who with sincerity addressed it. For this purpose it is necessary to put a branch in a vase, to daily change water and to talk to it: about something to ask, on something to complain. The drying-up branch means that the willow neutralizes your troubles and troubles. It is necessary to carry it far away from the house, to thank and burn. In case the branch took root and on it leaflets are dismissed, it it is possible to put and be sure that the tree complies with your request.

Anyway, let these small lovely pussies reaching for the sun will become for you the beginning of fine and happy spring!