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How to write the paper on perfectly ?

the Paper traditionally are considered insignificant student`s work in comparison with course and degree works. Therefore also attention to its writing we give less and often we do not care for originality of the text and symmetry of composition.

Nevertheless, writing of the paper - an integral part of educational process. Working on it, we first of all form skills for creation of more serious works. For this reason to write the paper it is qualitatively necessary to be able.

What is the paper?

Before considering stages of writing of the competent sound paper, let`s find out what is behind this word.

Word paper occurred from Latin to report to report . In Dictionary of the methodical terms E. G. Azimova the paper is defined as a type of the written message, a statement of the main ideas of the message united by one subject, their systematization, generalization and an assessment.

That is, in the paper books and articles should not be copied word for word, it is not the abstract. Proceeding from the fact that in the paper systematization of information is important in it there cannot be only one source, otherwise it will be the report. And at last, the paper is urged to generalize the material received from sources, but not to survey books.

As the purpose of writing of the paper serves deeper understanding of a subject and storing of useful information. Besides, when we work on the paper, we develop skills of organization and commitment that is useful not only in study. we Choose by

a subject

Now let`s formulate a subject. Sometimes the teacher gives it specifically to you, sometimes suggests to choose from the big list as that, and sometimes leaves for you a full freedom of choice if only the paper was within the program of the studied course. At the choice of a subject the main thing - to be guided by own interest. If the subject is close and interesting, writing of the paper on it will quickly go also with pleasure even if inherently it is deeper and more difficult than others.

Also it is necessary to consider existence of literature. If there is time to think, to better mark out for themselves two - three subjects (no more) and to look for already existing practices of researchers. On what subject there will be a lot of qualitative material, that and choose.

we Select material

Now we will dwell upon material selection.

The most modern and lazy a way of selection of literature - the Internet. For information search we enter on the website of one of recognized searchers, such as Yandex, Google, Nigma, and we enter keywords on our subject. It is the best of all to look for not just any information on this subject, and electronic versions of textbooks and scientific articles. In this case information will be reliable and really scientific. All articles and sections of books found in the Internet should be kept in one folder, accurately calling each source though quicker to copy temptation and if only how to keep and it is big. It will save further time by search of the necessary thesis.

You should not neglect library, often exactly there it is possible to find the main material, and information from a world wide web will become auxiliary. Except books it is desirable to use periodicals. It is important that information was actual, and textbooks - modern. In process of development of a subject and a set of the necessary information, the conditional plan of the paper begins to be formed. When all material is picked up, we start directly writing.

the Structure of the paper

paper Volume usually makes 7 - 15 pages, in rare instances to 20. The standard paper traditionally consists of several parts:

1) title page;

2) table of contents or plan;

3) introduction;

4) main part;

5) conclusion;

6) the list of the used literature.

We will consider in more detail each of parts.

1. Title page. At registration of the title page consider only requirements of your educational institution, the form can differ. Then not to remake, better to ask a model of registration for the teacher in advance. It is necessary to make out the title page extremely attentively that there were no typographical errors. If in work of a mistake and a typographical error can quite remain unnoticed, then person the paper has to be perfect. Number of the page on the title page is not put.

2. The table of contents to the paper contains a list of heads, subchapters and number of pages to them. Often instead of a table of contents, demand to write the plan. The plan can be simple when it is required by the numbered list to list the name of paragraphs of the paper, and compound when besides paragraphs specify also their subparagraphs.

3. Introduction. It can consist of one paragraph, and can occupy the page - one and a half. Its main goal - to enter the reader into a problem essence. The choice of a subject (than it is important), its relevance is proved in introduction. We outline the purposes and problems of work. If it is necessary, we do the short review of the used sources. If initially to write introduction it did not turn out, it can be made after writing of the conclusion when all thoughts are systematized and received final registration.

4. Main part . Before starting writing of the main part, it is necessary to decide on names of heads and paragraphs. Further it is necessary to build a statement chain not to break sequence of thoughts and not to recede from the set subject. As much as possible cover the main aspects, in the main part of the paper it is necessary to state the main concepts stated in sources. Surely refer to the author if you use quotes: it is an indicator your scientific skill . When citing references are made out. There are several options of their registration, for example, footnotes can be taken out in the end of the page, and can be specified briefly in square brackets: number of a source in the list of references and the output page of the quote ([10, page 355]) therefore it is better to specify their registration in advance.

5. Conclusion. In the conclusion in a short form give the general conclusions on the main subject, and also own opinion is stated of a problem and its decision.

6. The list of the used literature , or the bibliography is the systematized drawing up the list of the used sources. In other words, those data according to which even the stranger will be able to find the concrete book. The list is formed in alphabetical order on the last page of the paper and has accurate rules.

Books are made out so:

No. of a payment order Author(s). Title. - Place of the edition: Publishing house, year of the edition. - Pages.

Periodical press:

Author(s). Title//Name of the magazine (newspaper). - Year. - Number. - Pages of article.

Now when the paper is written, attentively re-read its two - three times and be convinced that the logic of a statement is not broken. If you missed nothing and correctly issued the work - be sure, your efforts will not remain unaddressed, and the paper will be estimated on perfectly !