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Children`s crime of

Children`s crime.

Children`s crime. This phrase sounds a little paradoxically. That the general can be between children and the concept crime . But, unfortunately, every year the problem becomes more and more obvious, and it becomes more difficult to fight against it. What lies in sources children`s crime? And how to fight against it? It is difficult to answer these two questions.

according to the decision of administration of school the fifth class was transferred to the first change for the reason that it is terrible to children to come back from school in the evening. Since morning at school became shumny, under legs little girls and boys whose age on average makes 10 - 11 years run. But everything would be nothing if from their young lips mats, and such which are not known by some adults periodically did not take off. They not just run on a recreation, but are pushed, kicked, and all their actions are not seldom full of unreasonable aggression to each other. After school it is possible to see a picture of how on the fifth-grader flies several schoolmates, and begin to beat him, at the same time crying out: Give, beat " more feasibly;. To class teachers other teachers sometimes come to a lesson, and say that its fifth class fights at a lesson again, and the boy unintentionally came around to the girl on a stomach a chair. On change I saw a boot trace on the girl`s back once - fifth-graders. And at what participants of many fights are the same pupils. Maybe it is the result of not punishability? If children well understand that they remain unpunished, then continue in the same spirit. in principle, parents, but sometimes to them all the same have to know

about such situations. It first of all concerns dysfunctional families which quantity also increases. And the most sad that such children are not noticed by their own parents. And they have to impart to the child the most ordinary standards of behavior that it is good and that it is bad how it is impossible to behave. It seems to me, the wrong education or its absence is the first reason of children`s crime. The children deprived of parental attention are on street. Today homeless children in Russia make 3% of the population, and this figure over the years grows.

Being on street, children begin to steal and if punishment did not follow, then at the child they slowly begin to be given a free hand, and the scale of a crime becomes larger. Everything can begin small theft, and will end with cool murder.

the Government of our country puts a problem of children`s crime in the forefront, tries to solve it, but as we see, the number of minor criminals only grows. My opinion that it is necessary to strengthen the importance of social services which have to conduct check behind dysfunctional families, the militia has to to catch homeless children who because of not receiving due consideration, already get in the way to a crime. But nevertheless, if parents are not able to follow the child, then neither what social service, nor the teacher, nor the militiaman, nobody will make it properly.