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What to do when it is too much information?

Who possesses information - that owns the world. The wise statement, authorship is still challenged. Winged it became after it was used by Winston Churchill.

Truly, information obtained in time and in the necessary quantity can turn life, to become an additional source of forces and confidence. But it if is about the necessary dose. About an opportunity not only to obtain information, but also to manage to process it, to comprehend. It is possible to save up too, only what for? If information is not processed, not applied, not transferred - it turns into slag, into the stuff preventing new reception of fresh information.

I remember the experience. As soon as it was let in free floating - receiving new knowledge and skills was necessary. I like to study, I study always. But during this period the huge number of teachers, books, new sources of information entered my life. The huge stream of an information field rushed. At first I joyfully opened to it the embraces, greedy read, learned, met conductors of new knowledge.

But once I suddenly understood that overdose began that I need time for sorting of this new knowledge, for processing of the received information avalanche. I already hardly distinguished the main thing from minor. Speed of receipt surpassed many times processing speed. New methods of concentration of attention and improvement of work of a brain were necessary for me.

It, fortunately, did not lead to a stress, and here set thinking on it. For several weeks I dropped out of an information field, just ceased to communicate with teachers, to read literature and to watch movies on a subject. Took a time - a miss. I needed less than a month to sort everything on shelves, to verify a vector of the way and to filter the obtained information.

Now I have an accurate technique of regulation of information streams. I established for myself a minimum and a maximum of that of information which is necessary to me for self-improvement, for polishing of the professional skill. The volume of data was reduced to the established norm which I am beyond extremely seldom.

I establish accurate time frames and, proceeding from them, I make the operating schedule. It is necessary to tell that this experience helped me to work more effectively. It is noticed that at statement of the indistinct purposes and unregulated time of tasks I am in time in a day much less. Besides these skills helped not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Now to each new branch of knowledge, I approach each new skill very accurately. As if I taste - it is pleasant or not, mine or it is not necessary to spend on it time.

And the most important - I ask myself questions. Why it to you? What exactly will this achieve? Where you go? How it brings closer you to a main goal? First answers to these difficult questions came quite difficult. Sometimes there was even a full stupor and despair. It is clear, I am not the robot. And only everyone can comprehend truth for itself(himself). There is no ultimate truth. But when the answer was - I celebrated a small internal victory.

Today each of us for obtaining any information was given huge opportunities. It comes to our house, to the temple of our soul by our first inquiry. It always was much, only earlier we were not ready to see it and to understand. Overdose anything - it is bad. Overdose of information reduces its value and prevents to see truth. The measure is necessary and important in everything.