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Whether modern children in paper dolls play?

Once, buying something in a newsstand, I paid attention to a bright envelope with the doll drawn on it and the inscription Marine . In the head memoirs from the childhood - a cardboard doll Masha and a heap of dresses from paper emerged at once! Really, and now such dolls play? - with surprise I thought.

I did not begin to buy the Marine, but, having come home, at once got into the Internet and gathered in the searcher paper dolls . What my surprise when the search engine gave me a huge number of the websites about paper dolls was! What is only not present on Internet open spaces - both beauties of a doll, and sketches of clothes for them, and the furniture, is even special programs for drawing of clothes on paper dolls!

Modern dolls - both popular actors and singers, and medieval young ladies, and fantastic heroines, such as Seylormun enjoy popularity on such websites (the girl from the Japanese animated cartoon). It is not enough boys, but also they come across among a huge number of dolls. Pleased the " set; Dress the Eurovision star in a set - cardboard Dima Bilan, paper clothes for it, various paper accessories and even the motorcycle!

I liked also paper collections of the famous designers. Exact paper copies of the last collections of the famous Italian designers cost kopeks and are on sale complete with cardboard models. It is possible to play fashion show.

There are also sketches of paper furniture for dolls - flat and volume. Flat it is possible just to unpack, and volume it is necessary to paste in a special way in a notebook. When opening a notebook such furniture takes the volume form, and when closing compactly develops and becomes flat. Such minitheatre turns out: opened a notebook on the necessary page - here for you drawing room scenery, perelistnut the page - and here already an arbor in autumn park! It is a pity, in the childhood I with scenery had no such album, it would be much more interesting to play with Masha!

A little later in bookstore I bought an unusual set of three paper dolls and a huge number of paper dresses. But this set was more likely not children`s game, and something like a souvenir - surprisingly beautifully traced young ladies from the 19th century with a huge number of elegant vintage dresses.

Having seen this set of paper girls, my mother remembered that she in the childhood had a paper doll too - Larisa. Larisa was the ordinary girl in very closed bathing suit who is cut out from the fashion magazine 60 - x years and pasted on a cardboard. Mother herself drew clothes for Larisa colored pencils.

Whether children in paper dolls play now, I did not manage to find out. But now I precisely know that they are played by adults! I and dolls do not draw dresses, but sometimes I get the cardboard girls from a beautiful box and I dress up them in factory paper dresses. This occupation fine lightens me mood and helps to get rid of daily stress. I hope, on holiday I will have more free time and I will be able to print and cut out at last to the beauties new dresses which I found for them in the Internet.

And you remember the paper dolls? Perhaps, after reading of article, someone, as well as I, will get from case depth a dusty box with the paper dolls and will for a while return to the happy and carefree childhood