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About sport! You are the world! Whether always? Hundred-hour war of

Sports dispute from - for permits to the FIFA World Cup developing against economic ailments and search guilty of their emergence put two neighboring Latin American states of El Salvador and Honduras on a side from which before open armed conflict there was literally one step.

And this step was taken. In full accordance with laws of perfidy and military skill, without any prevention the Salvadorian aircraft in the morning on July 14, 1969 tried to strike blow to the purposes in the territory of Honduras.

Armada from 16 presented North American big brother outdated piston cars of times of World War II, frankly speaking, did not cope with a task. But designated the beginning of military operations.

Salvadorian strategists combined an air raid with approach of ground forces. For operation it was succeeded to bring together army numbering over 70 thousand people. It was not succeeded to train, however, them and to arm, well it is already details. War will write off everything, politicians and military solved, and the invincible army consisting generally of hastily mobilized peasants began approach along the main roads conducting deep into Honduras.

The condition of army of the victim of aggression was even worse, than at an aggressor. Probably, on it Salvadorian generals also built the calculations. Two days later after the beginning of war two border departments were occupied, and the army of Honduras was hastily rolled away far inland. It is unknown, than all would end if not aircraft.

Big brother distributed the attention in the region rather evenly. Came the way of both Honduras, and El Salvador on couple of tens old piston flight cars which were unclaimed after the end of World War II. But behind prescription of years they mostly were a sad show and to flights were no good.

It was necessary to solve a problem hastily. Both parties asked for the help individuals and mobilized all ordinary civil cars which came to hand. On them the accelerated rates mounted machine guns and means of communication. And bombs sometimes simply stacked on passenger chairs in insides of planes and dumped via open hatches or windows.

The Air Force of both countries during war managed to hit no more than ten targets. Despite such productivity, the aircraft turned a war outcome. Pilots of Honduras managed to get to oil storage of the enemy, and the followed fire left nothing from stocks. The coming divisions appeared without fuel. Commanders thought of the world.

Active actions stopped in four days after their beginning. Despite the end of war, to the conclusion of the peace treaty between neighbors passed as early as the whole ten years. As a result of the conflict about three thousand people died, economies of both countries suffered irreplaceable losses.

And soccer? To the championship together with the national team of El Salvador there arrived the unprecedented number of fans. But it did not help team, she acted extremely badly. One aggressive mood okazalosmat.

It is wrong to consider sport as the only cause of conflict, of course. But such, apparently, insignificant event as loss of a favorite soccer team can even become a suitable occasion as we see.

We will be constrained.