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About sport! You are the world! Whether always? The permit to Mexico of

You establish good, kind,

friendship between the people.

You - a consent.

You pull together the people who are eager for unity.

You learn to respect multilingual, different races

youth each other.

You are a source noble, peace,

of friendly competition. You collect by

youth - our future,

our hope - under the peace banners.

About sport!

You are the world!
So enthusiastically expressed to

the opinion in To the Ode to sport teacher and public figure Pierre de Coubertin. Phrase About sport! You are the world! became winged, it is known by all, though not all remember who was the author of saying.

But it is possible to find examples in real life, opposite to high ideals when sport became not means of association, but a reason for large quarrels and even real wars.

The described events are almost forty years old. The FIFA World Cup of 1970 - go years, taken place in Mexico, is well-known not only the fact that it was opened by a match of owners and the Soviet national team (subsequently it is safe, though unexpectedly taken off from draw what still blame bad refereeing for - well, much know of the disturbing factors of the foul dancer).

Sad events noted elimination games between the countries - neigbours in South America - El Salvador and Honduras. Soccer for hot Latin American machoes - not just sport, and a neotjemlenmy component of their life. The victory of the strongest suits nobody here, can win and only the team has to.

The national team of El Salvador which arrived to Tegucigalpa on June 7, 1969 for carrying out an elimination game appeared in the real siege. The duel outcome between local football players and guests influenced the one who will receive the permit to Mexico. Naturally, fans of the national team of Honduras were very in a forceful mood.

The hotel in which lodged Salvadorans was surrounded by crowds of the unbridled fans. All night long fires burned, after the district cries and aggressive appeals were carried, stones flew to windows of numbers. The action was productive. The sleepy and intimidated football players lost a match next day.

I burn also to indignation of fans from El Salvador, as well as the pleasure of their colleagues from Honduras was not a limit. One eighteen-year-old girl even committed suicide, without having sustained a shame of the country as wrote newspapers.

The return match in San - El Salvador passed according to the similar scenario. In hotel after long visit of already Salvadorian fans of soccer any window, football players from Honduras " did not escape; treated rotten eggs, rotten fruit and dead rats. During a meeting in the stands burned down flags of Honduras, and a serious fight ran high in the end.

The result was programmed: Salvadorans gained a revenge in response to which across Honduras the wave of attacks on citizens of El Salvador, not guilty of anything, swept. Hundreds of people died and got wounds, tens of thousands fled the country.

But even these events became not the final, but only a prelude to the tragedy. The third meeting of irreconcilable opponents took place in the neutral territory in Mexico City on June 27. El Salvador then Honduras broke off diplomatic relations with the neighbor got the permit to the championship. Before real war there was one step. About succession of events - further.