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What unusual trees grow on Earth?

In flora are a lot of interesting. It turns out that on the lands of India one tree forms itself the whole wood! Banyan , or as him still call, a tree - the wood , has not one, but thousands of trunks.

In its center there is the main trunk, from it thick escapes grow, from these escapes branches which, having reached the soil, take roots last down. After that they begin to grow in thickness, and subsequently secondary trunks become similar to the main trunk, and already new escapes depart from them... So proceeds indefinitely.

One of the oldest banyan grows in India already more than 3 thousand years and everyone consists of 3 thousand of small and 3 thousand big trunks more than 60 meters high.

Trees more firmly than iron grow in the south of Azerbaijan and are called temir - agach that in translation means iron tree . Its wood very heavy therefore quickly sinks in water. It is interesting that has property to form impassable thickets. Bark of an iron tree very thin and therefore easily collapses. Branches of the next trees which concern each other grow together at once, and form fancy textures. Temir - agach often use for a construction of live protections which become more and more strong over time.

There is one more iron tree which grows on the southern part of Primorsky Krai, it is called Schmidt`s birch and one and a half times more strong, than cast iron. From its trunk the bullet which is let out from the gun flies away. Wood of this tree can replace metal with ease.

Trees which are very similar to big tubs 20 meters high grow in Brazil, they are called cotton or woolen trees . During blossoming of a branch which depart from the top narrowed part tubs become covered by a large amount of beautiful colors. Seeds cotton a tree dissipate by means of wind. To each sunflower seed it is attached parashyutik which helps to keep to it in air and with ease to overcome long distances. People collect seeds from this original tree and separate " fibers; parachutes and then produce from them fabric.

Dairy trees (galaktodendronat) grow in the countries of the Central and South America. These are low trees with brilliant and thick leaves with inedible fruits. Locals use juice of this plant as milk. But it follows from a tree rather slowly: 1 liter of juice follows from one cut in 1 hour. Besides it is necessary to take this drink at once as it quickly spoils. At evaporation from juice wax of which locals do candles is emitted. Except everything, wood from these trees perfectly approaches as construction material.

Kandelyabrovoye the tree received the name thanks to a branched trunk which reminds a candelabrum. In 1935, during war, the Italian soldiers moved through thickets of these trees, cutting through themselves a way bayonets. From the cut trunks the substance of white color similar to milk acted. In several hours soldiers had a severe headache and awful gripes in eyes then more than 300 of them completely went blind. Doctors, having examined patients, explained that organism poisoning with " juice vapors is the reason of their blindness; kandelyabrovy tree.

The locals well familiar with properties of this tree found for it good application. They put around the village kandelyabrovy trees, doing of them live fence. When enemies attack, residents of the village fire in them arrows so that at first the arrow passed through a tree trunk, becoming deadly, and then got into a body of the enemy. Besides, hunters produce from " juice; kandelyabrovy a tree poison with which grease tips of arrows.

Fastings sweet, or candy the tree , grows in the woods of tropical America. Externally it is very similar to a linden, with a large amount of the colors rich with nectar. At the end of fall on a tree ripen " candies; - the dried gray pods which contain up to 50% of sugar and to taste are very similar to raisin. Not only fruits, but also strong and light wood fasting of sweet it is used by locals: they make of it musical instruments and some types of furniture.

In the territory of the equatorial Africa on high trees inedible fruits which very much remind liverwurst grow. These trees are called kigeliya, or sausage trees . Make jewelry, ware and cups of their fruits. Sometimes fruits paint and suspend to a ceiling as amulets.

Ravenala Madagaskarskaya whom often call a tree traveler or a tree - well , it is possible to see in droughty areas of the island of Madagascar. This low tree (4 m) has no branches, and huge leaves grow from a trunk. They are curtailed by a tubule and have length of 7 meters. In the middle of a tubule there is clear and cool water which the plant receives from the soil. In such tree there can be about 25 liters of water.

We are surrounded by the wonderful and surprising flora filled with the riddles and secrets...