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That Don approaching to us prepares?

the Last creation of Sergey Bondarchuk return home. And already on the seventh of November on Channel One the long-awaited premiere of the seven-serial movie " will take place; Quiet Don the great Bondarchuk finished by the son, Fedor. It is curious what left the picture created by the Russian director, the Italian producer, russko - angliysko - the Italian structure of actors?

Well, the long-awaited movie opens quite brightly and intriguingly: landscapes Don bewitch, music of a balalaika yes of a domra presses soul, reminds a keynote The Fad - Gorbunka carries away Mikhalkov`s voice.

First and, at least, the second series strike with attention to specification: the shivering dandelion pollen disseminated by wind, carefree playing kitten. And the scene of joyful breaking of a black, mourning curtain from a mirror in which the blinding sun is reflected by right will fill up a moneybox of skillfully made episodes of our cinematographers.

is Soundly removed also grandness of mass battles. At Sergey Bondarchuk behind any massacre intention to look at it with abstractedly - a moral position is distinctly read. Thoughts national it is inseparably linked at it with thought family .

Is remarkable an episode when the chamber from height of stars passes to bulls, and in the cart harnessed by them lie hastily the reduced couple of spouses: Grigory and Natalya. But here not dandelions and not mirrors, and one operator ability not to manage. Actors have to be sensual or rather professional. Couple Manekennost Everett - Bondarchuk is tried to be justified with the remark: You do not cool me, Natalya, you do not heat . Really, very frozen they look in this scene.

in case of Rupert Everett, not quite Cossack type of Grigory Melekhov, well, we will write off for difficult genealogy of the hero. But how to explain confusion in eyes and constraint in the movements of the free boy? Such manner accompanies the hero practically to final scenes. In the last episode (Aksinya`s burial, a meeting with the son) in what a big director`s merit, it nevertheless dies off a little, becomes more emotionally, than even forces to stir up heart.

Natalya (Alyona Bondarchuk) character very nice, but pale very much. Game of her mother, Irina Skoptseva, as Vasilisa Ilyinichna Melekhova, does not differ in special brightness too. Whether it is too beautiful for the exhausted old woman, whether is too cold. Still smells of the Salonnost from former Elaine Couraguina.

the Italian Playing Aksinya, Delphine Forrest, represents rather the kapriznitsa with unpleasant character than who is deeply feeling the sholokhovsky heroine. She considerably tries: frowns, breaks hands, heaves a deep sigh but ideally looks only in an image of the maid when serves in Lisnitsky (Andrey Rudensky`s) house. Cups - saucers, the dismissed curls well were suitable for maintenance of its color fartuchek. But, Given rise to creep - cannot fly - and the Italian Aksinya in scenes of the Cossack chronicles was unconvincingly - is importunate.

Is importunate - is convincing in the searches love and caress there was Darya (Natalya Anreychenko). Quick, free, sharp on language, it by the end of the movie is an image of moral ugliness. Well done! ( I Trust! ) there is a wish to note, also convincingly the actress was and Lady perfection . Oscar-winning Murray Abraham adequately played in a tandem with it. A role of the Cossack, father Grigory, it turned out touching, emotional, and in an amicable way comical. Here, for certain, svezhesdelanny dubbing-in fault. It in general to very few people from the heroes played by foreigners added harmony. But, nevertheless, I can tell

on own impressions that the movie turned out. It turned out for the West. It, for certain, will not cause any complaints in the foreign audience. Well, and to us, for Russians soul, it would be desirable, it is more than warmth and truthfulness.

I, probably, it is possible to hope that a good few of the audience will move off in its searches, opening Sholokhov`s novel. To force the person to read classics - not such a small merit of the screen version, isn`t that so?