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Baked apples: what variations on this subject are known to you?

Taste of baked apples many sign since the childhood. When I was small, mother to me always baked apples in an oven. But the apples baked in the microwave oven are not worse to taste at all. It would seem what it is simpler - to bake apples? Actually, recipes of baked apples huge set. And each hostess bakes them in own way.

Apples can be baked entirely or having cut on pieces, it is possible to bake just with sugar or together with dried apricots and nuts. Apples can be baked in caramel, with berry sauce, with cookies and even with ice cream! I suggest to dwell upon each of these recipes.

To prepare baked apples with cookies , cookies should be crumbed and mixed previously with butter, milk, sugar and the pounded egg yolks. This mix also fills in the peeled and cut apples. For a half of kilogram of apples you need 2 egg yolk, a half-glass of milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 100 g of cookies and 25 g of butter.

And here if you want to make for apples in caramel with nuts , not to do you without toffees in any way. On half a kilo of apples take gram of 400 toffees and a half-glass crushed walnut or hazelnuts. It will be necessary to sprinkle toffees a little water and to kindle on a water bath, carefully mixing. We wash apples, we clear of sunflower seeds and a peel, and then we cut large cubes and we string on small wooden skewers. Now it will be necessary only to dunk apples into hot caramel and to roll in in nuts.

You tasted sometime the apples stuffed with dried apricots and cottage cheese ? Very tasty dessert, surely try! The main secret of this dessert is that cottage cheese surely has to be fresh, then apples will develop a unique creamy taste and will be very gentle. Cottage cheese for this dessert should be pounded properly a spoon that it became even more gentle.

The wiped cottage cheese is mixed with the steamed-out and small cut dried apricots, egg yolks and sugar. From apples we cut off a top and carefully we delete with a teaspoon with keen edges a core. Now we have to stuff our apples with cottage cheese with dried apricots. You can bake apples as in the microwave oven (about 7 - 8 minutes at the power of 600 W), and in an oven - to readiness. Ready apples can be strewed with icing sugar.

My little niece very much likes to cook together with me apple nested dolls . It she thought up the name because this baked apples dessert reminded her a nested doll which has one more nested doll inside. If you have children, they too for certain will like to prepare apple nested dolls together with you. Such nested dolls by the way, not only tasty, but also useful. They are made of apples, prunes and walnuts. Prunes need to be washed out and scalded boiled water that it became soft, carefully to relieve walnuts from skorlupok, and to peel apples of a peel and to accurately cut out from them a serdtsevinka.

So, we put nested dolls! The smallest nested doll is a nut, we hide it in a nested doll more - in prunes. And we place prunes in apple. From above in each apple we fill up one teaspoon of sugar and we send to be baked in an oven or the microwave oven. If prunes do not appear at your place, you can use dried apricots, it will turn out too very tasty!

My mother adores apples with a cranberry . It cuts the peeled apples in half and deletes a core. In the formed pole fills cranberry berries, plentifully fills up them with sugar and bakes. Fantastically tasty and beautiful dessert!

And what apples desserts are known by you?