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Where to take vitamins? In hips!

Go spring, spring the road! What will help our tired organism to resist to widespread infections and stresses, to improve health and mood? Undoubtedly, vitamins will help. But where to take them? It is possible to buy in a drugstore special vitaminno - a mineral complex, but it is better to use natural vitamin complexes. A unique source of those is the dogrose.

In Russia learned about useful properties of a dogrose in the 17th century. Its infusion was given to wounded soldiers and just sick people. With development of science and discovery of vitamins popularity of a dogrose only grew, on its basis drugs were created, it was used by doctors and folk healers.

It and is not surprising, on the content of vitamin C the dogrose wins first place among all plants in fruits, much more advancing our favourite oranges and lemons! It contains and other useful substances: B1, B2, K, P, PP vitamins, carotene, tocopherol, pectinaceous substances, lemon and apple acids, phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper, manganese.

Such rich vitamin structure makes the regulating impact on a metabolism in an organism, synthesis of hormones. Infusion of hips as a polyvitaminic preparation, increases organism resilience at infectious diseases, has the all-strengthening, toning effect, interferes with progressing of atherosclerosis, stimulates function of gonads, reduces fragility and permeability of vessels, possesses zhelchegonny action.

Surprisingly, how many useful properties in this plant! The most part of vitamins is in fruits, however in the medicinal purposes use also dogrose leaves, petals of its flowers and even roots.

Happening in the summer at the dacha, my grandmother always gathers a huge basket of hips that then in the winter to make useful and very tasty infusion. It is very simple to prepare it, you will find hips in any drugstore. And if at you at the dacha the dogrose grows too, you can independently collect fruits and dry up them in house conditions.

Often happens so that having inspired with some useful idea (for example, to drink every morning instead of coffee herbal tea), we quickly forget about it. I want to warn you at once if decided to make a dogrose, do not postpone! All the matter is that eventually useful substances in its fruits become less. Thus, dried fruits which lie at you on the distant shelf of a case 2 - 3 years will bring much less benefit, than those which were collected and dried up several months ago.

So to prepare infusion from dried hips, fill in one tablespoon of well washed out fruits with two glasses of boiled water. It is necessary to draw this useful drink not less than 10 hours. It is the best of all to do it in a thermos - conveniently and simply. If you have no thermos, it is necessary ware with shipovnikovy infusion properly to wrap up with a terry towel, for preservation of heat.

My grandmother makes infusion for the night. Very conveniently - filled in fruits with boiled water in the evening, and in the morning already you drink tasty useful drink which in a night will manage to be drawn properly. It is necessary to accept dogrose infusion on a half-glass three times a day. It is the best of all to do it after food as the dogrose possesses zhelchegonny action. You can add dogrose infusion to tea or even to replace with it the morning coffee.

And finally one more council for preparation of infusion from my grandmother. When you make hips, add a little dried apricots, infusion will turn out even more tasty!

Drink tasty infusion of a dogrose every day and good luck!