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What is Google Analytics? Service which knows about your websites everything

Already many Internet users and practically all companies have the own website. And the most spread information which the owner of the website has is the number of visits. Whether it is enough of it to estimate efficiency of the website? How to define what pages really work and what can be removed absolutely without regret because visitors there do not even come? If you need such information, it was necessary to find the one who knows it!

About a year I use very convenient and free Google service which allows me to know all about the websites. Up to for what period according to what reference on what page was, how many clicks.

I obtain all these exclusively useful data from the user reports of the service of Google Analytics. Reports can be received regularly: in a day, week, month or any other period. At any moment of them it is possible to adjust so that to obtain only that information which you want to know about the website.

The main sections of the provided reports of Google Analytics following: Visitors, traffic Sources, Contents, Purposes. What data are collected in these sections?

Visitors - how many, how long, from what country and in what language?

In this section can be learned how many people visited the site and how intensively they worked with it. Here characteristics of visitors (the country and the city new and come back) and indicators of quality of visit are specified (the average number of viewings, stay duration on the website and an indicator of refusals). If it is interesting, it is possible to compare statistics of your website to the similar websites on branches. Here it is possible to learn what browser or an operating system at your visitors.

Is specified even what language is established by the user by default in the report. Often information on a geographical position appears insufficiently. In many countries the population talks in several languages, and it needs to be considered. If you know what audience of the website, to you will be easier to solve in what look to give advertizing.

traffic Sources: who from where and why came to the website?

In this section of the user report all about a traffic. The direct traffic is visits of the users who passed to the website on a bookmark, and those who just entered URL in an address line of the browser. In the section The Websites - sources of transitions transitions from other websites are shown. In the section Search engines visits from the page of search results in search engines are shown.

It is possible to learn much about statistics and characteristics of keywords on which visitors come to your website. By each word it is possible to learn everything about transitions to your website on the cities, types of visitors and other criteria. Exclusively useful piece!

Contents - what actually attracts visitors?

you thought that one information will be interesting to visitors, and another is interesting to them absolutely? What pages of the website are checked most often? How they are used? From the report of Google Analytics you learn that actually interests your visitors on the website!

High level of refusals according to the page - a signal that it needs to be improved or adapted to the advertisement according to which users pass to it. Great value of an indicator Duration of viewing of the " page; points that the page causes interest in visitors.

The quantity of exits from the page can testify to the different facts. For example, users often leave the website from the page with the receipt or gratitude to visitors, and it is natural.

What is the purposes?

Transitions to the purposes are the main way of definition of that, how well your website answers the purpose and tasks. The purpose is a page of the website which opens to the user after commission of purchase or performance of other desirable action, such as registration or loading of the file.

For example, you place advertizing blocks or banners on different pages. Google Analytics shows the number of clicks on each banner, the block or the reference. It allows to trace what of them are effective and from what pages they in general can be moved away.

How to use Analytics Google service?

to connect your website to service, any additional banners on the website it is not necessary to put. It is enough to establish on the traced pages HTML - a code which is appropriated to your website after registration in Google Analytics.

As I do the websites in the free designer of the websites Ucoz, I put a code not on each page, and only once in a page template - so much quicker.

To use this remarkable service, you need to have the account of Google, i.e. to get a mailbox on Gmail - by the way, very convenient and capacious. You can create it here to this address: google. com/accounts/NewAccount. After that you can pass to registration into Google Analytics: google. com/analytics/ru - RU.

Google Analytics is free for all - be you the advertiser, the publisher or the owner of the website. Learn everything about your website with Google Analytics!