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To whom to follow a legal aid? Five signs of the good lawyer

Quite often people go with the problems, with the pain confused by a situation to the lawyer, the lawyer on purpose something to understand, to resolve a situation, and receive At best - in vain the given money, in the worst - infinite tiresome circulations on instances, the spoiled relations with other people and the lost cases and situations which could be resolved also in the mutually acceptable way and in favor of the person who asked for the help.

How to distinguish the competent expert from the one who simply needs your money and he is not to provide you high-quality service with desire at all?

By the nature of work in court, prosecutor`s office, advice centers I allocated five signs of the good lawyer:

1. He listens to your story up to the end. As often already at your first words someone shouts It Is Clear, clearly! without having listened to the end yet of continuation which can turn a situation exactly the opposite? If the expert to whom you came so does - either you leave at once, or insist on that he listened to you up to the end, otherwise the result is unpredictable.

2. He surely asks and watches documents on that problem which you to it handle. If at you, for example, in property the apartment and you want to strike off the registration register (to write out) or move from it any person, a lot of things depend on the one whom this person is necessary you (the family member or not) when it is registered whom, whether had the right for privatization (if the apartment is acquired in property as privatization) if it is the ex-husband, when it is dissolved a marriage. The decent lawyer will always look at the certificate on property, the contract of privatization, the warrant, the reference about residences, the marriage certficate and the birth and only then will tell the opinion. The one who not really understands a situation quotes to you concrete article as permission of all problem at once.

3. The good lawyer always before calling the concrete article of the law, will get the Code or the law (or will open on the computer in the special program, what is better, as there are special programs which are regularly updated in connection with changes in the legislation) and will glance in it. Even if he by heart knows a certain law, one mixed letter can solve a lot of things, without saying that laws change often and updated.

4. The good lawyer will never badly speak about the colleagues, about the persons which were earlier working with the client even if really bungled. In - the first, it contradicts ethics of the lawyer, in - the second, there are cases: two lawyers - three opinions. At most, what he can tell is that the previous opinion is not absolutely correct.

5. The good lawyer suggests you a certain action plan (to go there, to write-), and it is better - writes it to you consistently on paper. If he really the professional, then with great pleasure makes it as aurally people not always absolutely truly understand a consultation essence (and sometimes understand exactly the opposite). Or for a certain payment itself undertakes to make the specified actions, at the same time keeps you informed and surely gives written confirmation of the accepted money for service (the receipt, the warrant, the receipt).

Thus, signs of the good lawyer : attentive listening of a problem from beginning to end, acquaintance with documents on the client`s situations, the appeal to sources of legal information, a correctness in relation to colleagues, written registration of consultation.