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In what original relish of pilaf?

If who jumped on this page in hope to copy retseptik the well-known Central Asian dish

So that is in vain. There is no recipe here. Them in the Network already Pond just Prudie. The most different and for every taste. Gathered in the searcher " pilaf; clicked and Choose - I do not want. But you do not want why then to click?

Here about that is what is pilaf. And in what its relish real.

In my opinion, pilaf in itself as dish It so. Well, tasty, original, nourishing dish. And all! Better or worse it, for example, the same vareniki or a shish kebab, it is necessary to look still. Also it is possible to argue to blue in the face. On taste and color, as it is known

Here another. Pilaf - same the dish is not simple. Which, by the way, to prepare not so - that and quickly. Time needs a piece rather big. And on weekday where to find it? Correctly! Pilaf

But we will not hurry. Haste, it only in two cases is necessary. And in the east in general the rhythm of life is a little another. One after another all.

Any kitchen, and it part of culture of the people, a dish of prepared, demands special mood and surroundings. In Central Asia pilaf is a wreath, end of all festive, a table. Himself should be trained for it.

And a teapot - another of hot green tea, including. Tea there green, with its white boiled water is not diluted. Therefore - teapots big. And from this, big - in a pialushka, on the bottom. To the brim - in any way. The handle drinking bowl - does not have that how to hold a full cup of hot tea? And if suddenly, about horror (!) will pour to you full Get up silently and leave. You are not a welcome guest. So, in eyes - anybody and never. And full drinking bowl Here, costs, smokes freshly brewed

Before drinking, it is necessary Choi Kaitarish to make. To mix, to marry " tea; in a zavarochny vessel, in other words. From a teapot - in a drinking bowl, from a drinking bowl - back in a teapot, from a teapot - in And so several times. That tea was drawn and evenly was ready on all volume of a big teapot.

As will be ready - a droplet in a drinking bowl, and with dried apricots or sultana grape. Slow procedure. You sit, a market - vokzals the good friend you conduct and you watch (one more element of preparation for a dish) as at you all smooth blagovkusy prepares.

As these children, for example, slice onions! On weight. In one hand a knife, in another - the bulb cleared. And it a knife so promptly - chic - chic - chic... And equal ringlets fall in a big aluminum bowl. And in other bowl, nearby, up to a hand in which a bulb, the whole mountain already cleaned which wait - wait for the turn. From one bulb - ringlets in a bowl, a hand - tsop the new patient, and again - chic - chic - chic... And they are without looking, after conversation with the friend.

- And, Zufar?. What - oo?! On watch? In the Darkness? Wai - Wai - Wai! Far - oh nobody even watches

At this bulb and manipulations of a knife.

By the way, the knife - that as has to be ground that on weight to slice onions?.

And meat - already in a cauldron. Sizzles, shoots hot cotton oil, and for - and - apa. Pilaf - that`s quite something! Here it is only necessary to time for it much even if itself and you do not prepare. Well, about it I already

Therefore you go down the street and directly on it big - big cauldrons. Under them a fire on firewood from boxes tare. And in them... Chorba, lamian, beshbarmak Gave to the cook kopek, and you a full braid Relative of a drinking bowl, direct, but larger by the sizes. The cup without handles used for laying of first courses as the Central Asian analog of a soup plate. This braid - hot, rich, nourishing and dukhmyany. And piece of flat cake. And nearby already boys with a teapot of hot tea and pialushka rinsed in an aryka. To eat Misa of it it is rich - a fat soup and after that not to drink hot not to rinse a throat? Yes it is impossible...

Well - oo

* * *

Pilaf, it, as well as the people who prepared it - different.

The Tajik pilaf differs from Uzbek and on technology of preparation, and, respectively, on color. Tajiks, for example, fry onions before put meat, and further it, naturally, is fried together with it. Therefore onions at a stage of the end of cooking of a zirbak which call as the meat fried on cotton oil or fat tail fat (fat) with onions and carrots and process of roasting of this meat with the same carrots and onions Onions become not golden, but dark-dark-brown. Therefore the Tajik pilaf dark-brown.

And here Uzbeks put onions in zirbak (at them - zirvak) when meat is already almost ready, and this feature paints pilaf light, almost white, with small is yellow - an orange shade which to it is given by the fried carrots.

When studied, in a hostel children cooked the Azerbaijani pilaf. So they instead of a zira added to it a saffron. From a saffron the Azerbaijani pilaf - zheltenkiya. I a saffron not especially favor, but I add a barberry. The last, however, on the fan. From a barberry pilaf turns out with small, almost inaudible, sourness.

* * * for

Yes, if who is going to cook pilaf, then at once it will not be possible to run on kitchen. Peas nukhat for pilaf are presoaked since evening. And without it pilaf No, at all not that

I on components. On from what, finally, pilaf has to turn out.

Earlier a lot of things (well, except for a basis, of course: meat there, rice, onions, carrots) it was necessary to order through acquaintances, to meet using a convenient opportunity and for half a year if it is no more (to the following opportunity), to stretch.

Now - seasonings for every taste, the same nukhat - in the market and already wetted. Here that great resettlement of the people and growth Asian market, gastarbaytersky and other layers among a natural way of the decreasing population of the Russian Federation means.

Here only so and for kopek even, hardly who dukhmyany and nourishing pilaf with all the heart to you to the spit otsypt now.

And without it is what relish at pilaf? It - in feeling of a holiday. When just you prepare a dish, and a holiday Here, already in you. And around you. Because nearby - friends. And their heat heats you. The same as yours - them. And all the rest Slow conversation, tea, a cauldron with the sizzling oil It so. Accompanying. Surroundings of a holiday. Without which, however, and it will be incomplete. Defective some. As tea without dried apricots.

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