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Tsarevnas are frogs with a celibacy wreath?

In each Russian village there was almost always a maid, after which husband`s wives looked and sadly swung the heads, and unmarried maidens turned away and spitted out three times on the earth. To the maid of this usually thirty years passed for a long time, there was she not slanting and not speckled, as a rule, visible and stately, but if it did not happen in the village of the strong sorcerer all life bore on herself a damnation. This damnation in the people then, as well as now, " was called; celibacy wreath .

At each modern woman it is obligatory to eat at least one girlfriend who cannot marry in any way. Even simple novels in life of such woman - a rarity, are tied they hardly and proceed very not for long. More often communication with the man stops after one - two meetings. Knowing for itself such misfortune, this girlfriend usually tries to look good, sometimes very carefully takes care of the own life, mainly spends the earned money for clothes and cosmetics. It collects culinary recipes, and desire to catch the husband to years to thirty turns for it into the real mania.

Those which consciously chose life without husband or in general without men do not belong to the category of such women. The main feature of the lady decorated celibacy wreath - obsessed desire to marry. Though sometimes if the woman possesses sufficient pride, with age she begins to hide the desire from people around and prefers to look the freedom-loving feminist, but not the unlucky person. The essence remains to the same. Without having on that the obvious reasons, men try to avoid such lady and if approach closer, then very much for a while.

If to get accustomed, then the main reason for this phenomenon is visible already from all aforesaid. If the woman very strongly wants to marry, she frightens off men. Only it seems to it that she skillfully hides the desire. In - the first, men in general very well catch that women hide. As well as in all nature, the male is focused on a female much stronger, than a female on a male. At that very moment, when you do not know that at it on mind, he has quite clear idea of your intentions. In - the second, desire to marry quicker, and especially fear again not to leave, are shown in a number of ridiculous phrases, nervous gestures, intense situations and significant acts. Except that the man sees the hunting declared on him, so in all these acts, situations, gestures and phrases there is for him nothing attractive. Very often the girlfriends who are sincerely struck why avoid such beautiful and clever Tanya (Katya, Ira, Dasha) of the man, all understand as soon as they for the first time see Tanya in the company of nice to her men. She manages instantly to lose the main part of the beauty and ingenuity.

Second reason celibacy wreath in modern option absence in such woman of sexuality is. This absence again is frequent and it is caused by failures and fear of men. Often say about such women of the man that at all the beauty and an external luster to the touch they remind frogs. After an intimate meeting with such woman the man is pursued by burdensome feeling. At the same time the woman can be not sexually cold, she can have desire and excitement. However the image of a frog is probably that image which arises at her in consciousness when she thinks of the body. Try to present that it is opposite to your darling to touch you and he does it reluctantly, and you will at once regret about this experiment.

It is interesting that celibacy wreath create only two of these reasons in total. Not so there are not enough men loving women, at which in the evening always the head " hurts;. Lack of sexuality and a low sexual self-assessment do not decorate the woman, but also cannot make her by a scarecrow in the opinion of the man. Eventually not all men consider sex as very important part of the life.

In the same way and the desire to marry by all means at the woman who is hotly loving bed games, as a rule, if interferes sometimes with a marriage with the man respecting himself, then never interferes with presence of such man as the constant lover by no means.