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Whom did Vladimir Vysotsky call the teacher?

to M. L. Ancharov (28. 03. 1923, Moscow, Blagusha - 11. 07. 1990, Moscow, the New Don cemetery) the second month as I come in book is devoted to

Already and Though long ago lost any hope, all the same I ask:

- At you Upas trees is?

But, having received in reply traditional negative rocking by the head, sadly I depart from a counter. To the following time

Of course, someone from readers can shrug shoulders and is puzzled hem:

- Odd fellow of people. And libraries on what?!

Yes I know. I know about these libraries. Here only their employees swing the heads exactly - in - exactly, as well as sellers, explaining at the same time that funds at them supposedly began to be formed after 90 - go years, and Ancharova with 80 - x years did not republish Is strange

. In exact bibliographies of Mikhail Leonidovich there are instructions on the collections published in 92 - m and 99 - m years. How not to know about it? But the fact remains. Ancharov is not in libraries of a grassroots level. Simply not.

How? Really all of us, the big and numerous country, forgot about the person whom Vladimir Vysotsky called the teacher? And was for what!

Mikhail Ancharov in fact is the founder of a genre of an author`s song. However, the first - Do not rustle, the ocean, do not frighten - in 1937 he wrote on verses of Alexander Green of whom he then became engrossed in reading. And who does not rave Scarlet sails also does not become engrossed in reading of Green in fourteen years? Then there were songs on B. Kornilov`s verses ( In Nizhny Novgorod from a slope ), V. Inber ( Gipsy romance ) but the first - it always remains to the most memorable. And not only because everything began with it. But also because thanks to it, Mischa managed to get acquainted with the writer`s widow, Nina Green who just arrived to Moscow for literary inheritance. And someone told it that he is here, there is such boy.

Mikhail remembered this meeting well: I sang the song. She began to cry. It was for me as, an award. It is possible to tell - though distant, but a posylochka from Green It was before the war, approximately in a month .

Ancharov already graduated from school and was a first-year student as War! In July he leaves the Moscow architectural institute and submits the application to a military registration and enlistment office with a request to enlist the volunteer on the front. But there solve in a different way. In the direction of a district military registration and enlistment office Mikhail arrives on east faculty of Military institute of foreign languages of Red Army (VIYaKA). Then, in October, 1941 - go, Ancharov writes the first song on own verses - The Song about my friend - the artist .

And at institute, and later, on the Far East front where Mikhail who in perfection mastered Chinese and Japanese languages was directed in 1945 after the termination VIYaKA, he wrote songs for also it was sincerely surprised when learned that they are sung by soldiers of different armies and connections. The lieutenant Ancharov was not going to become a poet. He was interested in painting in which he began to be engaged in a children`s fine art studio of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions still in 7 - m a class (1936) .

I just fatally wanted to study painting. At night paints dreamed, groaned , - so later he remembered the last years of army service.

Therefore the next year after demobilization, in 1948 - m, Mikhail on a competition arrives on picturesque office of the VGIK. But the cinema will be included into his life later, and then plans exchanged and, after a month of study, it takes away documents from institute of cinematography and becomes the student of MGHI of Surikov whose diploma gains in 1954

But The professional artist Ancharov did not become. Or rather, did not want. Because understood that can paint a picture in any style , except the. There is more. What Mikhail just did not take out in art, so it what he called self-sufficient, as bum, professionalism .

He was interested only creativity, and create as Ancharov considered, only that, what in the nature was not yet. No car in the nature was, Illiada . War of Greeks with Trojans was, and Illiada was not. It was created by Homer in the form of the epos .

I Ancharov comes back to songs which he tells the listener that he passed through himself that concerned him, and than he found possible even not, and due to share. Such it The Forty first The Song about the undersized person The Ballad about the tank T - 34

We on life went - atheists,

Musketeers and madcaps.

B everyone there lived with a breeze a Restless person married by


without tears abandoned Us women,

A could not forget for ever.

( The Forty first 1959 - 1960)

I its sincerity caused response. Same sincere, interested and powerful.

And then the friend suggested Mikhail to write the scenario. And in his life the new stage began. The next new. After several unsuccessful attempts it, in a co-authorship with S. Vonsever, wrote the script for the movie The Ballad about happy love (1955). To which will be added already written independently, on the termination of the Scenario workshop a bit later, My younger brother (1962) and Appassionata (1963).

In 1971 the countries the series, the first in the history of the Soviet television, made under Ancharov`s scenario - " came out; Day after day . As would tell today, at 9 - a serial teleplay was simply tremendous rating . The song on Mikhail Leonidovich`s verses I Stand on a substation became national. The country demanded new meetings with the fallen in love heroes. And next year there is the second, 8 - serial, part Days .

But it will be a bit later. And at first songs and Ancharov`s pictures will merge together. Therefore the rich, multilayered and figurative prose will turn out. And Mikhail once again became the first. The first impressionist in prose. As the creator of the website devoted to Ancharov Yu. Revich, it " considers; looked for and created an image, impression, and paid attention to details only so far as they helped creation of this image or disturbed

The first, in 1964, in the " magazine; Change stories " are published; The Drum on the lunar road and Vienna waltz . Behind them, one by one, stories Golden shower (1965), Soda sun (1965), This blue April (1967), novel Theory of incredibility (1965).

Became engrossed in reading of its books, but There are no prophets in the fatherland. The press and television persistently were silent, and Ancharov`s works were published in the basic in the periodical press. As, for example, novel Box wood ( New world 1979). But in Europe Mikhail Leonidovich`s books were published in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Romania (1968), Germany (1976) with enthusiastic prefaces.

And the writer did not think of any there glory and prestige. He just created. Were necessary to Ancharov contact with paper and two - three persons . Because was enough for it self-assessments and estimates nearby remote from it people. Checked and went further .

But Did not happen next. On July 11 1990 Mr. of Mikhaila Leonidovicha did not become.

He did not manage to finish work on the novel - the clip The Gospel from the Holy Spirit the event promising to become in modern literature. Though, maybe, it and is not absolutely right. Ancharov - in itself an event in our culture. And let today it is not with us. Is - works. In which the author same what he was and during lifetime: greedy before creativity, flashing, uncompromising, not suffering boring edification or abstruse philosophizing.

He loved us, the readers, considering that all people are interesting and talented as are presented with life. And before this improbable fact all the rest - a trifle and a detail .

Really we cannot answer Mikhail Leonidovich with the same? Love Already the.

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