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How it is correct to clean the computer from dust and dirt?

For many of us the computer became that place at which we spend considerable time: at work and houses. As well as any equipment, the computer needs capital cleaning from time to time. Look at the monitor, on it surely there will be traces from fingers, dirty stains or dust, on the keyboard - fat spots, under keys - crumbs, hairs, traces from the coffee spilled once; the mouse for some reason refuses as before, it is easy to slide on a rug, the system unit hoots as the falling plane. Perhaps, it is worth bringing order?

So, we will begin one after another.

Surely switch off food. Take out a fork from the socket better, but not just click the switch on “pilot“.

1. Monitor. Children played

on the computer in shooter games, or you pointed a finger at the monitor, explaining something to the dull boss, or … yes what of it! Spots need to be removed immediately. For this purpose it is possible to use special wet towel wipes or special means for the monitor, they are on sale in specialized shops, but, unfortunately, it is connected with expenses and who will want to go for the sake of such trifle shopping? Let`s manage! Take a soft terry rag or a rag for rubbing of points, moisten with warm water and carefully wipe the monitor, then - dry.

Some wipe the monitor with alcohol, it cannot be done - on some monitors there is a special antiglare covering, it can be damaged. And if you decided to wipe with alcohol the LCD monitor, then prepare for fatal consequences.

2. Keyboard and mouse.

Dirty keys, crumbs and dust. And how there cockroaches were not got? Just horror! On many keyboards of a key it is possible to remove (only previously sketch their arrangement or photograph that then it was not necessary to collect this mosaic by “method of a scientific tyk“). You collect all keys in a polyethylene sack, you go to a bathroom, you cork a sink (that nothing superfluous flowed away in the sewerage), you pour to a bag of a little laundry detergent and desperately you bultykhat this heap of plastic. In a couple of minutes accurately you wash out keys water, you throw out on a towel and you dry the hair dryer. Those at whom keys are not removed clean them together with the keyboard a rag or spirit napkins from shop.

The main thing - at all not to pour water on the keyboard. It can lead to its breakage or, at best, to the fact that you should sort and dry completely it on the battery. And it is that still trouble, I will tell you.

Too it is necessary to clean a mouse a little. Here than want! It is possible both cotton wool with alcohol and napkins and just a rag. It will be more difficult to be broken though in water it is not necessary to bathe too. If a mouse mechanical - surely clean a ball. I sometimes sort the optical mouse entirely, and I clean inside - there a lot of dirt gets too: any hairs are reeled up on an axis of a castor, buttons can get littered, the optics demands cleaning too. Inside - is accurater, remember as sorted also to collect.

Wash a rug from a mouse with soap and dry.

3. System unit.

Cleaning of “sistemnik“, probably, the most difficult and responsible action. If you never disassembled the system unit, then touch nothing out of harm`s way better or tide up together with the familiar expert.

If in the system unit a lot of dust collected, then “coolers“ (fans) become more noisy, and the computer from - for bad coolings during performance of complex challenges, can hang.

First of all it is necessary to get rid of static electricity (the static charge on your body can burn some sensitive details) - be taken for an electric heater that your potential was made even to “earth“. You should not think that if the computer is switched off, then it is cut completely off power - in modern computers with ATX cases, at the motherboard there is always tension on duty. Double-check whether the computer from the socket is switched off. It is switched off? Then disconnect all wires and cables, turn off bolts on the back party of the system unit and remove lateral covers.

Uff! Well and pylishcha! Here not to do without vacuum cleaner. Many argue as it is correct to delete dust, on “breath“ or on “exhalation“. There is no basic difference, but if you do not want to drive dust on the house, put on “breath“. Some brush dust and vacuum the largest scraps of dust. Then it is accurate not to break, you release all slots and vacuum all most remote sites. When you vacuum “coolers“, their rotation is recommended either to stop or to disconnect them from a payment. Also “cooler“ can be greased. Accurately turn off it and, having unstuck a small sticker on the basis, drip a drop of lubricating oil there.

When the required purity will be reached, collect everything back. Mix nothing! Collected? Include. If everything joins, I congratulate, all of you made correctly!

And prevention: the monitor needs to be cleaned as soon as becomes soiled: approximately once a week, a mouse with the keyboard is more rare: approximately each 3 months, the system unit - time in half a year.

You watch purity of the computer. Good luck!