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Whether permissibly to the man to shed a tear?

inspire in All boys since the childhood that it is impossible to cry. Only little girls or whiners cry, and the real man should not cry. Tears is a destiny of weaklings. And each boy wants to be the real man therefore when there is a wish to begin to cry, he remembers manuals of seniors and fastens. Clenches teeth and does not show the weakness. He thinks that having shown the tears, will fall in the opinion of the peers and an opposite sex. And it is very unpleasant.

Actually tears is quite normal reaction to offense, a grief and hopelessness both at women, and at men. Why on humour the man can laugh, and having been upset has no right to shed a tear?

Yes, all women want that the confident, strong, courageous man was near. That he could solve any problem quickly and effectively. At emergence of difficulties did not panic and did not look for the help at it. Even if there was any stressful situation to the hysteric only the woman is able to afford, and the man has to overcome everything with cold heart.

It is considered that women live longer than men as they do not keep in themselves all stresses and sincere experiences. Having talked to the girlfriend and having cried a little, the woman pours out from itself all negative also continues life with good mood. And here to the man to cry inadmissibly and it is a shame. Therefore it keeps all the disorders and stresses in itself(himself). It cannot complain of problems and to cry on a shoulder at the wife. As a result the collected stresses are reflected in health of the man. For example, there can be diseases of heart and neurologic frustration.

But it is impossible to tell that men do not cry at all. They cry too, only when nobody sees them when nobody condemns and will not laugh at them. And it is useful to cry. So to men it is necessary to cry quite permissibly and even sometimes.

If it happened to become the witness of a man`s avaricious tear, you should not grin. It is necessary to try to understand it and to support. Well, men quite often lend to women the shoulder as a vest in which those pour out the tears. Perhaps at some moment the woman should lend the shoulder and to regret the man? To allow it to cry and feel weak. Though for a while.

Remember when all together watch some sad film with the sad final, the woman can burst into tears, and it will surprise nobody. And the man has to swallow a lump in a throat and detain the rolled tear. And it is very heavy. Many women will agree with it. When tears absolutely nearby, them it is already so difficult to hold.

To give the chance to your man to have a little cry, buy him the sad book and let`s esteem. But so that he read its one and nobody saw his sobbings. When it wants to cry over some moment, let he quietly will cry. If not to give the chance to the man to shed sometimes a tear, he can become severe, excessively serious, even rigid. There can be also a reverse situation, for example, when the man fastens at work, and having come home, turns into the child and demands pity and support. Sometimes men who look for supports from the wives by means of tears begin to make the house scandals, trying to prove to it that it is a man, but not mattress not gruel and not the crybaby. The abuse and quarrels can arise even more often. In this case it is worth seeing a doctor or the family psychologist.

Conclusion. It is permissible to men to cry and not only on a funeral. It is possible to hesitate here. If there is a wish to have a little cry, let he will cry. Tears is quite normal reaction to experiences. Tears help to get rid of fatigue and irritation which collect throughout the day. The main thing that tears did not become daily ritual. To everything there has to be a measure.