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The crocodile is not caught, the coco does not grow? About failures, defeats, failures of

A you what, signed the contract with a crocodile what it will be caught implicitly and on demand? And the coco which suddenly deceived you in the best expectations: where it is written that it is its sacred debt - to fall to you in hands? We cannot cancel Mondays really, seriously.

With good luck and luck more and more - it is less clear. They are often specific, are even financially expressed. And here with bad luck the situation is not so accurately.

As it is possible to treat failures?

As to crash . Commonplace. It is possible to resemble breaking hands, questioning for what ? On a sacramental question of the answer do not receive, day will be lost, but the need for expression of feelings will be satisfied. To deprive of people of the right for the feelings a little comparable to joyful rumbling, it is represented to already much wrong and unworthy the person. There is a wish to break hands - find for it certain time. In the daily log: from 8 to 9 in the evening. At once, however, there can be more urgent matters. The main thing - not to go too far, well-known let the loser cry, cursing the destiny! in total - treated gambling

By the principle: on mistakes (defeats and other troubles) it is accepted to study. Speak, even the hint can be covered in them. Someone was beautifully expressed that a season of failures - the best time to seed success seeds. It is a little elaborate, but in practice - how many such vital stories we know and not to list. It is the simplest to remember the amazing comedy Unlucky with Pierre Richard in a leading role.

For people with heightened sense of humour it is offered to enjoy process. Remember how Ostap Suleyman Bender reacted to failure with Zosy. From whom to ask

for failure?

still the opinion that the person until then not the loser while he does not begin to accuse someone else Is. But it is always so simple to present that someone is guilty in your failures. What to do? The count Monte - Cristo all the same will not leave you, most likely. To nourish idea to sweep - occupation pleasant, but ungrateful. There is still an old Chinese wisdom: to sit ashore and to wait when by floats a corpse of your enemy. But we have no time for a sit-round gathering ashore. Perhaps just to recognize that it was awkward, did not consider, to take for granted that today not your day, month...

And someone in general told that all of us are losers. At least, the best of us. Many consider time of the failures as the most interesting in life. Show me completely satisfied person, and I will show you the loser - Edison told.

Of course, best of all never and to hear these words: loser, not lucky (now also loser). And if you use these words in relation to yourself, then write down yourself in club of losers, present that you come to a meeting and whom you meet? A. Einstein, whose thesis was rejected. The sculptor Rodin, three times not been admitted to art school. U. Grant who is working hard years at very not prestigious works up to presidency in the USA. Henry Ford who had two bankruptcies Examples - nest numbers! You will meet many people, left a mark in the history of science, arts or literatures. And they were a good judge of failures, no doubt.

There are, of course, also more sad examples. Georges Bizet died soon after a failure of the opera Carmen . Though could not but know that wrote tremendous music which will live. Probably, it is just necessary to be ready to the fact that once all undertakings will clog, life will go wrong way.

The trained people manage to be grouped before falling. And each of us has " groups; sincere muscles which will not allow us to shvarknutsya winter crop: both family, and favourite business, and interest in life. The only failure after the big account - if, except the fact of the birth, nothing and to show to the person. This is not the loser even, this is just the person who is not able to be happy.

And psychologists, in turn, too give the advice on the subject whether there is life during failures . Not to compare itself to anybody, not to try to meet expectations of other people concerning your opportunities and abilities. To leave to the world and to investigate all other options. To live fully every day, trying it though somehow to decorate. And, of course, not to lose self-irony then once you will be able to tell or sing

I: Your nobleness, madam Pobeda! Means, my song is up to the end not sung!