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Saving prevention or how to be saved from flu on the eve of epidemic?

Together with noisy New Year`s holidays to us imperceptibly creep every winter the invisible enemy, in the form of the next wave of respiratory diseases. Doctors from screens of TVs chilly state emergence of the new, not experienced by us yet influenzal mutant. To all other our heads stubborn do not wish to know that their subordinates are subject to diseases too. Similar feature remained from Soviet period among our self-sacrificing citizens when was considered to be in hospital holiday in some way even indecent occupation.

In today`s world with tough rules in labor market it is often unprofitable to sneeze and cough to the most injured therefore we will try to be trained for all seasonal features of weather in advance. Not to the liyena to keep own health, and at the same time and a purse, using simple folk remedies which proved the efficiency more than once for prevention. It is necessary to take the fact that even skilled therapists are not tired to recommend treatment " into account; antiquated by methods which do not influence negatively our organism and perfectly coped with any illnesses long before emergence of pharmaceutical industry.

This article was written not to tell about for a long time known truth, and from - for desires to pay attention of our compatriots to protection of the organism already now, without shelving and by that to avoid the unpleasant moments of a cold season.

Of course, would be quite good to be engaged closely in increase of stability of an organism even in the summer by means of the tempering water procedures, but how to be told: So far the thunder will not burst therefore it is worth stopping on high-speed ways. First of all it concerns methods of the prevention of a gain a harmful virus of your organism.

What would not tell advertizing appeals with the looming mountains of pills there, our health first of all depends on food. More true from the balanced amount of the substances consumed by us. A special role is played here by existence in our diet of irreplaceable vitamins. Many at once will begin to object, proving that on fresh vegetables and fruit during the winter period especially you will not fork up. You do not hurry to draw conclusions, in simple vegetables which we use at preparation of daily dishes there is a huge number of useful elements. Vegetable salads on your table I will be huge help for the weakened organism. Reception of vitamin preparations will make the contribution to strengthening of immunity at you and your children.

Recently even more often the official medicine recommends to do paid preventive inoculations. Personally I did not use such service, but, according to mass media, their efficiency is scientifically proved. According to the Ministry of Health degree of efficiency of vaccination at children and persons is younger than 60 years makes 70 - 100%. The unpleasant moment of such type of protection is limited period of validity of a preparation (till 1 year), possible manifestation of side effects, though in rare instances.

The most dangerous this disease becomes for the small children and people having chronic diseases as the accompanying complications become feature of flu. I will provide the small reference: annually flu in the world is ill 15% of all population of the earth, only in Russia this figure makes 25%.

To you it is not necessary to fill with the divergence and negligent attitude to own health such sad statistics. I wish that no diseases became a barrier to your undertakings.