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Man, you that, pregnant?

Somehow my kids discussed among themselves a question which of them is more senior and why. Zhenya proved to Vladik: Because mother gave birth to me earlier! On what Vladik it is sure and even with some superiority replied: And me - the father! I Remember, we with the father then fine laughed.

But, seemingly, shortly there will be children who, as well as my Vladik, will begin to declare: I was given birth by the father . Judging by messages of the world press, scientists found a way to solve a demographic problem: birth rate falls, women do not want to give birth much, so, maybe, to connect to process of incubation of babies of men who happily shirked till this moment a duty to carry the child in a belly?

You, of course, will laugh, but the science obviously moves ahead in this direction. As they say, new is well forgotten old: yet Zeus - the Thunderer did not find anything the best how to allow the daughter to Athena to the Pallada to be born directly from his head. And in one of the most ancient Indian books Bkhagavad Purana a story of the tsar who during ritual of conception took magic water and became pregnant is told. The reasonable tsar did not hit in panic, and with a tummy all term honestly departed, and his sonny was born by means of Cesarean section. Such things as artificial insemination and sex change also are mentioned in Old Indian books.

What till our time, for the first time about man`s pregnancy as about business, by itself understood, was exorcized about 20 years ago. At the same time emphasis was placed on the sad fact that many married couples have no children from - for inability of the wife to become pregnant and take out a fruit. And if artificially to impregnate matrimonial cages, to grow up an embryo and to place in a father`s stomach? Technically everything is simple: at first women`s hormones are entered into an organism of the man, then place an embryo, and in nine months of the child take by means of Cesarean section.

Where the fruit will develop? The Swedish scientist M. Brenstorm in 2003 proved to the scientific world an opportunity to replace a uterus in a man`s organism. The scientist support the words with business: replaced a uterus to a mouse male, and that took out and brought healthy little mice into world. In the world experiments of this sort on animals, including on monkeys are made. And Chinese Chong Huaran, being a surgeon on sex change, developed serious technology of man`s pregnancy. The transsexuals dreaming of own children forced to deal with this issue it. Chong Huaran worked about ten years on the theory and, at last, began to look for volunteers for check it in practice - about 500 men ready to pay 25000 dollars for happiness to become the child not only the father, but also mother responded to his appeal. However practical results of this work are not known so far. China is able to keep the secrets.

To give birth to the child is still half-affairs. It is necessary it also to feed. How theorists of man`s pregnancy expect to solve this problem? Easily. History knows many examples when men nursed children. Not so long ago in Sri - Lanke knew how 38 - the summer man, having lost the wife at childbirth, became the supporter of the daughter. It in rare instances, but, certainly, is possible if in an organism of the man Prolactinum - the hormone which is responsible for production of milk is active. If necessary Prolactinum can be entered into an organism injections.

Professor of anthropology from the USA B. Hyulett lived some time among the African pygmies in the tribe aka - there children are raised and raised by men, they watch the house, cook food and raise children. And what weaker sex? Imagine, the weaker sex - hunts. Thank you that though still between times manages to give birth to children.

Generally, think, decide - to give birth or not to give birth. In case of the positive decision the science to you, dear men, has to help!