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What is Kataklizmos? Holidays of Cyprus of

One of the most ancient holidays which is celebrated in Cyprus by already nearly two thousand years are of Kataklizmos . In translation from language of Greeks kataklizmos means flood - we quite often hear about natural cataclysms in weather reports, and communication of this word with a holiday can cause in us, Russian, easy bewilderment.

A for Cypriots of Kataklizmos, or the Whit Monday, that is following after the Trinity is the whole enchanting spectacle, fairs, sweets, laughter and dances, fireworks till the morning announcing that there came the summer! Have fun, weigh the people! But, before telling about a modern holiday, it is quite good to make historical digression to depth of centuries. Since ancient times it is considered that Kataklizmos is celebrated in honor of the great goddess Aphrodite born from sea foam. But another competes to this version: a hero of the occasion is Flood.

About it there is such myth. Zeus - the Thunderer decided to destroy people on Earth who the farther, the more became impudent, became just intolerable - impious and haughty, did not worship with due respect to gods, depriving of them, apparently, firm Olympic tranquility. Also terrible heavy rain rushed from heaven, all human race died, were scattered under the pressure of storm streams of the city, only one Mount Parnassus towered over water. Only two - Prometheus Devkalion`s son and his wife of Pierre escaped. They swam nine days and nights in a wooden box on a raging sea. For the tenth day waves beat a box to Parnassus, and happy spouses, it is necessary to understand, all forces put on that the human race did not die away.

Present Kataklizmosa in Cyprus note on all coast - it is a festival of Water! The lucky who arrived to Larnaca during this time are dipped into the atmosphere of general madness and triumph. Here the holiday begins with Finikudes Embankment where in the ancient time in honor of Aphrodite magnificent feasts under a roar of sea waves were arranged. Since early morning citizens are direct participants of a holiday and venerators of tradition - and the guests who at first are simply curious, and who then are convinced that they here - invited, go to the temple on solemn church service. After service religious procession comes out to the embankment. The priest consecrates a cross and abandons him in water. Right there behind it strong, dexterous guys after rush. The one who will find a cross at the bottom sea becomes the king of a holiday, and the others - its suite.

The king with shouts and songs is seated on the throne which is hammered together from boards decorated with seaweed and cockleshells. From a throne the king proclaims the order: All to bathe! Only that it is also necessary to Public: adults and children directly in clothes rush to the sea, and wear out those who do not hurry to plunge in water by force. To be dripping wet in such day is sacred, otherwise no clarification and absolution to you will exist. And then on water boats, sailing vessels, surfs appear. The youth plays water polo, competes in races on a canoe.

Meanwhile on Finikudes Embankment near multi-colored exhibition tents the chaos begins. Here the true Cyprian sweets are on sale: honey donuts lukumades, nut candies in grape juice sudzukos, a fruit candy, rakhat - lukum and a lot of things are many other things from what eyes run up.

And what fair without domestic industries? Here ceramics, jewelry of bronze, various souvenirs and inexpensive, but such original costume jewelry! The most quick-selling goods at a fair - white cotton blouses with a long sleeve, the real rescue for those who are forced to be in the afternoon under the scorching Cyprian sun.

But the holiday is not only a way to spend a lot of money for sweets and knickknacks. It also the mass of entertainments in which all participate young and old. For children various attractions - " work; Ferris wheel trampolines, hills, pools with boats. Adults compete in force and dexterity, in quizes and other guessing games, and a particular interest at public - to a competition of readers. Here authors of satirical verses act, and winners are awarded with comic prizes.

What during a holiday without music and dances? Of course, there is no lack of on-stage performance groups which please walking songs and dancings. But also everyone can sing and dance for public and break the share of an enthusiastic applause.

The remarkable feeling gives to Kataklizmos and owners, and numerous guests - tourists: on our holiday all are equal, we are able to have fun, we are able to be on friendly terms and love, so, we can and have to live in the world. It seems, such keynote accompanies you in all languages sounding around: Russian and German, English and Chinese, Arab and Spanish.

Here and dead of night. The last chord of a holiday - a magnificent concert of entertainment stars. And then - grandiose fireworks in all sky over the become silent sea. Kataklizmos leaves to return in a year. The Cyprian summer came into the own

In Cyprus also other holidays which are bringing together many guests from the different countries of the world are. For example, a festival of wine in Limassol. But it is already other history...