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Hard day from the courier`s life.

“ ticked the Chiming clock“ New year, tinsel and champagne came to an end, alcohol heavy burden lies in all organism, and the weakened state still keeps in the gentle embraces. To the courier or just what person the city is full it is necessary to solve the serious problem: how to enter the working course of a courier service, to steer the car carrying out the express delivery, not to howl from family disorders and at the same time to be polite and punctual living the first working day of the courier in Moscow .

- No, can be, so soon, I only laid down. Devil`s alarm clock. - There now this day, the first after New Year`s vacation came. Having passed by a mirror it seemed that saw the stranger in the apartment, heart missed a bit - it is the terrible courier Vasya from the second department of our Courier service, he really the maniac as I also thought, appearance does not deceive, but as it got … Jumped aside aside, the cat stared, the wife schuffled in a bed, looked back, the weakened sigh - same there was my reflection, to itself is not similar and it is visible alcohol continues the poisoning influence, then the courier Vasya for certain has no such strange semeynik: light-presents, boxes, pink with a set, with bows (the wife`s gift) what our Courier service delivered by New year at address mailing. Having slightly cheered up from memoirs I carry out morning physical exercise. Jacket, express boots fast walker. At an entrance I was waited … by ice, from a meeting with it as memory - the aching hip pain. The nonsense here was not lucky Romke Ilyin, him to work together with the courier Vasya. The trolleybus, the subway and my body as at the express to delivery, it is put in the working car, it was necessary to reach from garage to office of the Courier service now. Familiar smell, convenient seat, habitual attributes of the courier: holder of paper, letterheads delivery express. The traffic light, gas, lateral sight I see someone the courier Vasya with a knife runs to the car. Faugh, it is the person, but in the uniform of the traffic police officer and with a staff in a hand, probably the courier would be better. While I sit, the GAI officer does not approach, another is busy by another, for some reason sad.

Why the neigbour Zoya Ivanovna so strange looked at me this morning, even spitefully, well saw me drunk to whom does not happen, a holiday after all. I in general am rather afraid of it, Hitler in a skirt, the truth on it it was visible in youth beautiful, however all the to become stately on Komsomol and party exhausted, without husband till an old age, it “leader“ of babsky committee of our yard and me as courier in service the delivery express, for the person does not consider. And here?! It is too much attention to the ordinary courier the delivery express, strange?

- your documents. Sergeant Borischuk.

- With a past you.

- the Express delivery? We hurry? 110 km/h!

Began. I of course did not look at a speedometer, but it is not my speed precisely. I even at urgent delivery do not exceed speed. To bribe or win against it intelligence, here what a question? My truth therefore we include the intelligence which had a rest for operating time the courier and we will begin to butt by lawful methods, especially there is no money for a correction of the militia budget. I deny everything and in the protocol I write the following: moved with the established speed. At the time of removal of indications of speed my car was overtaken by other vehicles, their speed and is reflected in the device. Further in / at drivers braked and the car the express of delivery appeared ahead. As listing with the indication of speed of my vehicle is not provided, I consider such charges inadmissible and I ask office-work to stop concerning the unfortunate courier. Here so, I feel like the lawyer, at least, such pearl yes in a hand-written look. From my Courier service keep ringing. The scale of my mood slowly but surely creeps down. I hope it the last trouble which fell down the unfortunate courier. Here and the building of the Courier service, it was necessary to rise and take orders for express delivery, there would be them not much. I slam a car door, phone call - the beloved wife: - You are a necrophile?

- did not understand?! To you too good morning.

- Met Zoya Ivanovna at an entrance. Your courier in a state of intoxication speaks yesterday offered me intimate relations, clamped me in an entrance corner. You are a pervert; Beeps.

Interestingly as a result Zoya Ivanovna agreed? It is faugh terrible to present. Probably at the courier the black strip of life went or my sexual preferences changed, however I do not know about it, but knows my the second I. It is necessary to get acquainted with it, curiously it works as the courier too? All right, I will go to work. Office of the Courier service delivery express: first floor administration, dispatchers; second floor: 2 departments of couriers, pedestrian and autocouriers. I work 5 years here, went to a side job the courier and and remained, not prestigiously of course, but me everything suits both collective, and small career development and the relation of the management quite good too if only not the courier Vasya from the second department, it frightens me.

The chief listened to me, sympathized with my morning adventures and accepted everything as is, words of a reproach, from the management one positive. Well all the white strip began. Interestingly the wife took my “courting“ for Zoya Ivanovna seriously and is not present, she pro forma snapped. I go down in dispatching office of Service the delivery express, I take the form of a dress who was appointed to the place of my former workmate who decided to leave the express delivery and found the quite good place, according to him. I could not even expect it: the form - the order of our courier service has two strips, for the driver courier and the courier`s forwarding agent. And under a fat inscription... the surname of the courier Vasya flaunts. A tin, and day only began, the remains of New Year`s alcohol through all time of my body are torn outside together with anger, the reason is finally included into the working course and I feel all hopelessness of the situation.