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Laptop: what ZhK - displays are afraid of?

Liquid crystal displays of laptops strongly differ from monitors of desktop computers. They more gentle and fragile, are more subject to danger to be damaged.

Most of all any ZhK - displays do not love when they in them tynut fingers: in the place of a touch iridescent stains which, however, disappear as soon as the user takes away a finger are instantly formed. But over time similar actions can lead to the fact that on the screen not all pixels will begin to be displayed.

If your laptop on a guarantee, you did not point a finger at it, and the fused pixels are visible, then can safely bear it in service. But if the screen became covered by spots from - for your disorder, then you will not wait for warranty repair. Then it is possible to use Undead Pixel (www. udpix. free. fr, 56 KB, Windows 2000/XP, freeware) - this program causes multiple appeals to a problem cell, it is possible, it it is simple stuck but did not fuse.

ZhK screens - displays cannot be wiped with the aggressive means intended for TVs and ordinary monitors at all. This liquid contains alcohol which perniciously affects a thin surface of displays. For cleaning of the laptop it is necessary to get special means which part alcohol is not. And it is even better if to wipe without pressing the screen with a dry piece of soft fabric, without use of any means.

And what to do if one half of the display suddenly of becomes dark , but it is worth shaking it, the image appears again? It occurs when the display already fulfilled the term or service regulations were violated. It is possible to entrust it to someone from ours Kulibinykh (the main minus of the similar address that, besides loss of a guarantee, can ruin in general the laptop) or to carry in warranty repair (the main minus of the similar address that the laptop is taken away for repair for 3 - 4 weeks). Perhaps, the connecting chains passing through hinges are faulty. If the problem is not solved, then the display needs to be changed. But before it makes sense to look for software solution of a problem: to check system for viruses, to update drivers for the video card (from the website of the producer), to reduce quality of a color rendition from 32 bits on 16 and to reduce the frequency of updating of the screen - can be, it also will help.

Following possible problem. If at system recovery (or reinstallation) by quality of the image are become suddenly worse, then it is quite possible, it is necessary to update drivers. The matter is that you got rid of all updates and debuggings (or brought down a configuration of system). What needs to be done? After updating of drivers to establish a display resolution and if badges on the screen too small - use IconChanger (www. shelllabs. com, 1,1mb, Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista, shareware), this program allows to increase the size of icons selectively.

Also it is worth changing depth of color (a color rendition of 16 bits). For this purpose in the Windows XP right-click on the Desktop, select the " item; " Properties; and then " tab; " Parameters; (and in Windows Vista - a way to success a little bit another: Start-up> Control panel> Personalisation> " tab; " Parameters;) . It is necessary to take into account that not each display will qualitatively work at some settings, it is necessary to experiment. The matter is that all difficulties with quantity of display resolutions consist that between transistors and pixels of the screen there is a ratio 1:1. Chips of the video adapter can only imitate non-standard permission, but it will be not such accurate will load the video card calculations stronger.

On the " tab; " Parameters; press the " button; In addition and then " Monitor;. Choose the corresponding monitor and experiment with settings. You can change the frequency of updating of the screen, usually it 60 MHz (however, unlike ELT - monitors, with growth of frequency quality of display and load of sight does not change). Pick up such frequency with which the image would be accurate and the screen did not flicker. After that you will be able to enjoy excellent quality of the image. After installation of new drivers some settings (a bitnost, a display resolution) are dumped on those that by default - be attentive.

And one more nuance. Displays of laptops open usually and closed by a few tugovato because whatever inclination you set, it remains fixed. Therefore when you open the display or you change an inclination, it is always necessary to hold the laptop not to lift it together with the display.

Following these simple hints, you for a long time keep the display of your laptop.