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Preparation of the website for advance.

In this article I want to share the reasons concerning optimization and to advance of the website on the first positions in search engines.

You already have a website. It was created by you, or to you his experts on a web to design, for example l - 999 made. to ru But it is visible only to you and your friends to whom you gave the address of the website. There is a question how to make so that any visitor, having gathered in the searcher inquiry on subject of your website, saw the reference to you in the first positions of the output results? It is possible to go 2 - mya in the ways.

1. To charge work on advance of the website on the first positions to experts (l - 999. ru) of

2. To do this work independently.

On what the position of your website in delivery of the searcher depends? Generally on the Russian-speaking Internet search is conducted in 3 - x search engines:

1. Yandex

2. Rambler

3. Google

Each searcher works on own algorithms. As it ranges the websites, it is possible to assume only with some share of confidence. Developers of algorithms carefully protect the secrets. But by indirect results of work of the searcher it is possible to make which - what conclusions. We will be guided by advance of the website in Yandex, in other searchers, by optimization of the website under Yandex, there will also be an advance since the main algorithms at search engines are similar.

Let`s understand what the website position in Yandex depends on.

At the moment time of Yandex takes the following characteristics of the website into account:

- Filling by content.

- Contents meta - the

tags - Compliance meta - tags to content

- Frequency of updating of the

pages - PR (PageRank)


TIC (Thematic Index of Citing) - Finding of the website in the catalog of Yandex.

At a stage of preparation of the website for advance, it is necessary to execute the first 3 - point from the list given above.

Site content has to correspond to accurately chosen subject. In content words and phrases according to which search will be organized further have to meet surely.

B meta - the " tags; TITLE and KEYWORDS it is necessary to place keywords which already are in content and on which advance of the website will be conducted.

For example, for the website l - 999. ru of studio a web - design, these meta - tags look so:

Sergey Kucherov

l - 999. ru

ladoc999@mail. ru