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Glockenspiel and bikers? Travel to the city of Muenster, the State of Texas of

We with the husband like to travel, and to us it is unimportant, we go at the other end of the world or to the neighboring city. The main thing - that there where we go, was something like that... Curious... So the idea to sweep to Muenster was born - as it became clear that there is a glockenspiel...

Well if Muenster and a glockenspiel, means did not do without the German influence. By the way, by results of population census in 1999, the inhabitants of Texas having the German ancestors make a third by quantity diaspora in Texas (after Anglo-Saxons and Spaniards). The city of Muenster was founded in 1889 by the German immigrants from Iowa. They wanted to call the settlement Westphalia, but in Texas by this time there was already such city therefore they had to be satisfied with Muenster which, as we know, is the capital of Westphalia.

By our time from - for mixed marriages the German roots podrastvoritsya in the Texas earth. But nevertheless inhabitants store memory of ancestors: in the city there is an epicure where also language sausages are on sale blood (to understand as far as it is unusual to America and Texas, it was necessary to see a face of my husband when he understood what they are made of). There are three restaurants with the German food - oh, schnitzel on - Vienna with fried potato, sausages with stewed red cabbage with a carnation and pepper and potato salad, 20 grades of beer, a warm apple strudel!.

In April so-called Germanfest - the festival devoted to that memory of ancestors when beer flows like water under ancient tunes once of a native storonushka is carried out and the embroidered blouses and lacy petticoats, and also leather short panties about the pomocham and hats decorated with small plumelets are taken out from chests. Besides, in the city there are one traffic light and the historical museum. As it is specified on the plate with the name of the city, the population of Muenster makes 1556 people.

The German epicure opened in 1927, and in 1975 sons of the grown old founders of shop took business in hand and constructed a tower which is a glockenspiel at the corner of the building. Though in the original the glockenspiel means a musical instrument - hand bells, in the English option the word began to mean also a tower with hours and a balcony where under music (sometimes under hand bells, and sometimes and is not present) dance figures.

On a tower of shop of a figure dance each hour until the shop is open. In total figures seven - a kolbasnik, the milkwoman, a cow, the girl and the guy playing an accordion, a bear (whom I, to the shame, took for a dachshund) and the king. Music plays traditionally German, something like that average between march and Strauss`s waltz.

Having admired the dancing figures and having listened to music, we decided that it is time to have a bite. Chose restaurant and mudflows for a little table in beer garden - biergarten. Behind one little table with us there were Texas bikers Lisa and Brian, exclusively picturesque in the leather suits. I never met bikers earlier personally though often saw them on roads of Texas, and they never met earlier the Russian person so the lunch passed in a warm friendly situation. They were interested as far as the situation in Russia was changed, and I became interested in bikers in principle.

It turned out that in Texas there are several organizations of bikers. On days off (and not only) they form groups and ride on roads of the state, is frequent with the huge flags curling behind motorcycles. And they come to Muenster because there are three restaurants where give the German food. Besides, absolutely near Muenster there is a town where one of the biggest shops " is located; In total for bikers which owners are also adherents of similar pastime.

After a lunch we went to wander on the city and came into the museum where I with pleasure found the pig-iron iron, just the same what my grandmother ironed. Minutes through ten the city came to an end, and we left to a farm of windmills. Inhabitants tried to use alternative ways of getting of energy. Obviously, Muenster not only keeps traditions of ancestors, but also actively seeks to help to survive to descendants...