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Childish sports - training or entertainment?

- Mummy read me the book!

- Is once, the lassie! Give later

- the Daddy! Play with me!

- Is once, the child!

Here so always! My God, it is a shame - that as! The child grows, and time to give him has no time All right. Tomorrow I will buy something nice for the child to

he is familiar? Still! How many times too busy parents refuse to carry out the parental responsibilities in respect of education, compensating the inattention to children by a bright toy or a new thing in clothes! And still there are grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts who seek to load with presents the child new things (we did not see our Charm so long ago!) ! Also the staff of overseas beauties of Barbie of all colors and robots for every taste grows in the apartment, and the house turns into toy store and a warehouse of a kidswear Therefore when at the next beauty the leg or the head incidentally falls off, the child dashingly zashvyrivat her in a corner and tries to keep step with another - will think! I have their whole box! The same happens also to things

the Negligent relation to small leads big problems in the future Look narrowly at the children - what games they play what dialogues conduct during game with the peers? Children ceased to dream and think out games, they are not able to be one and to find to themselves occupation, games, entertainments They constantly require to themselves attention, even being at age, rather adult for the invention of games Why it occurs? Because adults did not teach them to it! Bought a toy and as to play with it - did not tell! And children are very susceptible to all new and interesting, with pleasure support and develop the game options offered by you! Few times play with them in role-playing games, and you exempt yourself for long time from stickings on the subject Mother! Play with me!

Once during a long long-distance trip in public transport mother and the child so tortured all bus the misunderstanding of each other that we were forced to take control over a situation in hand! Our Mother was an initiator Unfortunately, except a sheet of paper and the handle, with itself there was nothing more from what could become a subject for game. But also it was enough that the little shouter of four-year age and its not really inventive mother were fond of game and forgot about a long journey and a tiresome trip. Our sheet of paper turned into the plane! And then in the steamship! And the handle served at us as the captain! And all of us were passengers of these wonderful magic means of transport! We traveled around the seas and oceans, departed to space distances! What we only did not see for this travel - both rare animals, and far stars, and improbable beauty flowers and herbs! The kid ceased to cry, mother calmed down, the bus was grateful

When we stayed with the grandmother in the village, toys was not that a little They were not at all - we from the city did not manage to bring! And it was impossible to distract the grandmother - she has so many cases! And here the children`s imagination joined - shchepochka were fish in shop (and also cheese, soap, money and so on!), sand in a sandbox was sugar (salt, milk and so on to what will remove a game plot!) And the whole day children were busy with the affairs! And the indispensable condition of any game was to clean up everything that was used during this game, unintentionally moved down from the places and broke an order of things

Present children, leaving on picnic (on a visit, on rest ) pulls along the whole cart of toys, books, clothes It is good if the part of them all - is taken out from a subsoil of huge trunks (i.e. children`s backpacks!) also will take part in game! As a rule, children go after parents and the continuous sticking to them spoil life to all audience But if toys all - were issued - take care, adults! They will be scattered on all horizontal surface which will be free! Two minutes of stay of this child in the house can visually illustrate the concept Mamay passed It does not make to follow and clean any sense - toys will pour from the child on the course of its movement on the apartment. So for the period of stay of this little guest you can forget about quiet life

Modern bright and brilliant toys deprive of the child of an opportunity to finish thinking about details and to think out game plots - nevertheless and so clear! Barbie is a beauty! And what is done by beauties - nothing Here and all game! Took in hand, took (or senselessly dragged on the room by a hand (hair, a leg)!) also put back

to Sew with mother dresses for a doll? To make a birds feeder with the father? To repair the broken toys? Faugh! It is unmodern and shameful for rich people! All of us can buy it! Perhaps, from these depths children`s cruelty when at first the child can ruthlessly break a toy, and is also born then, growing, to do harm to the person?

Time goes - children grow And the TERRIBLE CONSUMER grows up from once lovely crumb! And what in life the consumer can achieve? I am afraid that nothing! For anybody not a secret that the most part of the population of Russia is not successors Rotshildov and Rokfellerov Therefore it is not necessary to count on fabulous inheritance. This child who got used to consumption, is not trained and is not accustomed to THINK OUT grows up, gets to the Big world and is terrified! It appears, nobody will offer options of development of his life - it is necessary to think of it most! And it to it was not taught Nobody will bring and will give what is necessary for life - it needs to be earned, and he got used that all GIVE it JUST LIKE THAT!. And at once lovely crumb there occurs the terrible disappointment.

Dear parents! Real and future! Think of what future you plan for the beloved child! Really you are eager that it stayed in despondency and a black depression, without being able and without wishing to make the life noble, provided and worthy?.

- Mummy Read me the book

- Of course, the lassie! But at first let`s bring together order, and we will read then Books and to learn the World!.

- the Daddy! Play with me!

- Of course, my pleasure! Today we will play interesting game - we will fly to stars and we will study the Universe!.