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Healthy nutrition and comfortable pregnancy. What communication?

Pregnancy are a surprising stage in life of each woman. It is a special interval of time which changes all: outlook, perception of and people around, habits, way of life and, certainly, food. About why these magic months there are unusual desires to regale on something special, we already said in the article Gastronomic whims of pregnant women: norm or whim? . This time, as promised, we will mention other, not less interesting and useful subject.

Identical people are not, so - there are no identically proceeding pregnancies. Everyone yes differs in something. Feels sick one mummy in the mornings literally from the very first days of origin of new life in a womb, another does not guess it several weeks, and even it is more, the third suffers from toxicosis throughout all term, and is also such which on the contrary - suffer from the woken-up unprecedented appetite. What is that the child had enough vitamins and useful substances, than to eat that most not to turn after this term into the corpulent ship? How competently to make a diet that pregnancy proceeded without complications? What to exclude from the diet not to do much harm to the little man? These and still periodically arise a set of other similar questions in the head of future mummy.

Gastronomic whims of the pregnant woman, according to experts, are caused by a number of factors. Cultural concern to them even both psychological, and physiological, and But whatever they were, anyway practically each woman if there is a desire, is capable to understand the organism and its requirements. So to avoid many undesirable consequences, whether it be tens of extra kilos, striya, rashes on skin or anemia. And as a result - discontent with and the appearance, sad mood, apathy to everything around, feeling sick and constant weakness. Here several simple, but effective councils which will help to cope with whims in food during incubation of the little man and to make your pregnancy easier and more pleasant the Mode

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, but, depending on circumstances, the power supply system can be corrected in the necessary direction. Try if there is opportunity, and your toxicosis already behind, it is correct to begin day. Have breakfast fully that there were also forces for labor feats, and the feeling of weight did not disturb creative fulfillments. Cottage cheese, a plate of porridge with dried fruits, buckwheat cereal with milk etc. of

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you Watch quantity, especially if it is various delicacies (chocolate, candies, cakes, cakes, etc.). To completely refuse to itself pleasant and tasty pleasure, certainly, there is no sense. It is worse if constant bans develop sooner or later into the real nervous breakdown when is to arrange with the only desire to himself a holiday of a stomach and to gorge on forbidden products much. Afford a lot of things, but in the small portions (a tiny plitochka of chocolate, a tiny piece of an easy cake etc.) .

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. Here only useful and necessary. You get stuck in a traffic jam or just you feel that got hungry, and it is impossible to sate the got hungry stomach in the full-fledged portion? You should not resort to useless products. The next candy and a cup of coffee will not correct a situation, the effect of satisfaction will be short, and forces, alas, will not appear. Yogurt, fruit, cottage cheese, a small loaf with a cheese slice etc. - here what it is worth paying attention to.

a Variety

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sooner or later. Try to make the diet rich, useful and not dull. For lunch - chicken, for dinner - a small fish, the turkey or a rabbit are used tomorrow. Lentil with vegetables, the baked potatoes, buckwheat with beef Not to count options, the main thing - the imagination and the correct approach. Also you remember: any semi-finished products and soups in a couple of minutes.


Is clear that if constantly to eat only that there is a wish and not that it is required to you and to your child, nothing good will leave this invention. It will be even heavier to cope with unprecedented loadings to mummy`s organism, and it, certainly, will be reflected in your condition and the course of pregnancy. Try to adhere to advice for food which obstetricians - gynecologists give, read the recommended scientific literature in which the detailed description of all useful and harmful products is provided. You watch how the use in food of these or those products is reflected specifically in your health what signals are sent you by the child. Replace with one another: constantly there is a wish for some sweet - in advance prepare a plateau with dried fruits (dried apricots, a fig, raisin ). It not only is useful, but also is tasty. There is a wish for some chips or croutons - replace them with nuts (walnut, a filbert, almonds etc.) .

Competent approach to the gastronomic addictions is a basis of successful incubation of the kid, gloss in your eyes and inexhaustible energy, courage and optimism. These are beautiful hair and nails, the skin less suffering from hormonal fluctuations, the correct increase in weight, full and timely development of the child. This your excellent health and a good health of the little man who for 40 weeks every second depends only on you and your actions.

Who told that to be a pregnant woman - it is boring, sad and insufferably heavy? Do not trust! It is madly interesting, pleasant and easy! If, certainly, most not to create to itself unnecessary problems and to be able to receive incomparable pleasure from this surprising process! Dare to be capricious not only in food, use the interesting situation, but do not go too far Good luck are also happy!