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How many in the world Factories of stars ?

Russia was not the only and even not first country which started super - the popular " teleproject; Factory of stars . Around the world this show concedes in popularity only drugome to a reality - the show Big Brother ( Big Brother paraphrases from the famous novel of Orwell The Big Brother watches you ).

The stunning idea to show to the audience as from ordinary little girls and guys stars turn out, belongs to the Dutch TV company Endemol and in the original Star Academy (Academy of Stars) is called.

In the different countries under various names this show is broadcast since 2001. And for the first time it was started in France on October 20, 2001, and Nouvelle Star was called ( New star ) . Since then in France 6 seasons went over with success already, at different times such stars as Kylie Minogue, Phil Collins, Moby, even Madonna and many others came to it. Numerous winners and participants of this musical competition had an opportunity to write down the album and to take part in total round which went over with success over all country.

Literally in couple of days after France similar show started also in Spain, and it was called Operation triumph (Operaci ó n Triunfo). Originally on it only selection of candidates for the Eurovision - 2002 was assumed, but the format so was pleasant to public that show turned in independent culturally - a musical event. Winner of the first Operations Triumph - Rosa - acted on the Eurovision together with two other finalists - David Bisbal and David Bustamante. However, the popularity peak among the Spanish audience fell on the second season when after vote sent the singer of Beth who at the competition took only the third place to the Eurovision. After the second season popularity Operations began to fall down, and today last time it was broadcast in Spain in far 2005 - m to year.

On the key British Air Force TV channel the project under the name Fame Academy ( Academy of glory ) started along with Russian Factory of stars . Feature of the British version is that in it rules were a little changed - in particular, winners receive not only the contract with sound recording studio, and an opportunity to write down an album, keys from apartments, travel on the Caribbean islands, the VIP - the admission on all prestigious parties - that is everything that the real stars already have. With only one reservation - upon termination of a year they lose all these benefits and further have to prove the star status independently.

Since then under various names of show went over with success in 14 countries: Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Belgium, Brazil and Greece.

In Germany the first season of this show started on September 7, 2003 and since then successfully passes under the name Germany looks for the superstar (Deutschland sucht den Superstar, in abbreviated form - DSDS), on popular entertainment channel RTL II. In the last seasons leading and one of judges of this show Dieter Bolen (Dieter Bohlen) which caused a stir in the fact that arranged to participants the real hazing acted (that, in principle, not a rarity in this program and in other countries). But, by hearsay, the TV company prolonged with it the contract, and in the next season the composer and the performer will crack unflattering jokes to future superstars again.

In Germany the final part of a competition consists of nine stages during which contestants sing songs in in advance defined categories: romanticism, the priest - hits, German fate - ballads and so on. For them both TV viewers, and professional jury can vote, and often their opinion disperses - in that case the last word all - remains for the audience. The last final took place on May 6 this year, and the winner of show with a huge separation became 28 - summer Mark Meldok. In a week was available for sale its maxi - the single Now Or Never released the SonyBMG company. And the composition was written, of course, by Dieter Bolen.

But not only in Europe like to watch how stars grow as if cabbage on a bed at competent watering and an earthing up. In America similar show is called American Idol and comes out on Fox TV channel. Eloquently says about popularity of show that more than 100 million viewers take part in vote, and the winner receives the contract with " record company; Arista . The principle of show reminds German: after selection rounds participants in number of 32 people sing popular songs in the set genres. For final performances they are invited to Hollywood, the competition lasts about 11 weeks therefore in the final there are only three applicants for a rank of the American Idol.