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What has to be good bread?

And what bread such is?! - the old woman is indignant in shop, considering the chosen loaf in hands. Honestly, it costs expensive now, and quality not always conforms to standards and the price respectively. It is known that earlier in Russia there was a special order of establishment of price of bread from rye and wheat flour. If grain police officers found out that bread or kalatches do not correspond to the established weight or are on sale more expensively, responsible was threatened by a serious penalty and even corporal punishments. Presently laws others, but the need of the person for a qualitative product remains former. And nobody cancelled simple desire to give money and to receive in exchange the guaranteed taste too. As it is correct to choose this food checked by time? To what bread to give preference to avoid tricks of unfair producers?

In - the first, the real bread has to be equal, without cracks and anguishes. It has to be cut and leave well on a table as little as possible crumbs. If a picture opposite - added not enough water to dough. The correct form and lack of deformations are pluses of qualitative goods.

In - the second, good bread has to have the correct color. For rye grades - it is dark - brown, white bread and bakeries of a product have to possess a golden crust. Noticed a whitish crust? The reason is obvious: or the producer broke the term of preparation of the test, or there is some error in the technology of its production. Besides, pay attention whether is not present on bread of a black deposit. It, as we know, contains carcinogens which can become the reason of oncological diseases.

Qualitative bread has to be evenly elastic and porous. Press on a roll. Than quicker the surface will adopt the initial provision, that the product is more qualitative.

If the crust exfoliates - it is a strong indication of the fact that bread was kneaded from the nedobrodivshy test moreover and the furnace at pastries was too hot. Sometimes in bread it is possible to find a layer of badly loosened slack-baked test, so-called temper . It is formed if bread is baked from the similar test, but at a low temperature or stack on pallets too densely, several layers.

Of course, not only appearance will prompt how not to be mistaken at the choice. The smell and taste are our faithful assistants too. At good fresh bread incomparable aroma. However, according to nutritionists, such bread, despite the tremendous taste, is unhealthy. Slightly hardened better it is acquired by an organism. And here if guessed or tried out sourness - means, dough perebrodit. Fresh taste happens at pastries from the nedobrodivshy test, musty demonstrates that grain for flour was stale.

Undoubtedly, buying bread, it is worth paying attention to label . On it the producer and term of realization of a product has to be surely specified. At the majority of bakery products are 24 hours, in packing - 48 hours. The it is less in bread of artificial additives and ingredients, the longer it can be stored. The correct bread maintains till 5 days.

And finally several words about advantage this dear food. Opinions of dietitians on this subject differ. Those who recognize the undoubted value of bread give the following arguments: in - the first, with bread of people about 50 percent of carbohydrates necessary daily receive. In - the second, with bread for 35 percent the daily need of an organism for proteins is satisfied. And, at last, it is impossible to forget that bread is a source of mineral substances (calcium, phosphorus, iron etc.) . Physicians only in one are unanimous - rye bread is more useful wheat. As show researches of foreign doctors, from rye bread do not grow stout, and the preference should be given all - to a product from coarse flour.

As they say, everything is good moderately. Eating every day a piece of a useful delicacy, it is hardly possible to recover instantly, and to here ensure good mood - easily. Scientists proved that in bread there is a lot of tryptophane - amino acid which stimulates production of hormone of pleasure.

Good luck, cheerfulness to you and inexhaustible energy!