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What is a glamour in Russian?

the Glamour as there is a lot of in this word for heart of Russian... well and so on. Those who consider that in our country there are only two troubles - fools and are dear, can safely leaf through the page and admire color pictures. Other, doubting completeness of this axiom, can be from now on simply happy - this article if does not turn their view of the world, then at least will shake its foundations.

So, glamour. Blink and pronounce this word aloud - what visions rush in the urbanized subconsciousness? Girls in pink, pastes from Swarovski, Vogue and Glamour magazines... Everything is right to the last letter except that to a glamour, per se, only the above-stated magazines have some relation. All the rest - critically is not present. You will ask why? Not question - for the sake of you, the reader, I am ready to enter an image of the Bird - the Chatterer, mind and the ingenuity differing, as we know, and to shed light on a pink spot of human history.

The British explanatory dictionary gives absolutely accurate and firm as the Soviet tank, treatment to the word “ glamour “: ancient Scots so called a magic spell, a charm, incorrectly pronouncing the word ", someone else`s for them; grammar “. Also notice, ancient Scots had neither Vertu phones, nor the Elle magazine and any of the remained sources did not inform us a little bit of a mention of the pink kilts and delays covered with pastes. Modern styles and word forms modified initial value of a glamour a little, having enclosed an embodiment of a charm, style, inaccessibility and seducement in this word. Too, by the way, quite digestible treatment.

However, having modified a saying “ One man`s meat is another man`s poison “ it is possible to track without effort the anamnesis of a glamour within the Russian Federation, having counted all pluses and minuses of this layfstayl in native Penates. And, believe me, for this purpose it is not necessary to be let through towns and villages personally to see Russian Glamour. It is enough to come to boundless open spaces of the Internet, to visit the liveinternet portal, ultrapopular in certain circles. ru to lean back on a back of a chair and to enjoy. Here it, all color of a gene pool, clearly! Photoworks from Greg Kodel are trampled by pictures of digital soap trays, dresses from chaynataun couture eclipsed Versace, Galliano, Kenzo, bearing on themselves fashionable shildik a scattering of plastic spangles “ under Swarovski “. Also you should not read diaries... it is not necessary, our life is already full of shocks why to aggravate. Just sit and look, dear reader. Here everything is clear without words.

Individuals, certainly, will tell - “ just imagine, found a sample and in the same place only silly women 15 - summer “. Perhaps, they are right, but the Internet of subjects also is good that on its digital pastures can be met not only escaped under intelligence hoofs, but also quite successful men, with certain values, views and priorities. These - that values are also of the greatest interest to the modest misanthrope. Here, for example, list of the main pleasures of life of one very famous editor of one very famous magazine:

- Large buckwheat with chanterelles at dinner in “ Pushkin “

- Gloss of ideally ground Panerai steel on a wrist

- cumquat Jam on whetstone of rye Westphalian bread at breakfast

- the Powerful stream of the loved Comme des Garcons 71 on a clean body

A that, quite normal gentlemen`s set! Metroseksualizm and whips an unrestrained stream. But it at first sight because behind fresh trend of modern orientation annoyingly looks through terry, Soviet style training, glamur, at all killing any positive emotions:

“ - Kolya, how you, the fashionable person, the editor of the clever magazine, can go with such muck?! - Ksenia speaks (Sobchak - a comment of the author), pointing to my gold Motorola Razr V 3 Dolce &Gabbana Limited edition # 0039 “.

And, if began for health, not superfluous will be to mention the main toilers of the Russian glamour: Kisyushu Sobchak and Oksana Robski. One already is an eyesore beaten three years on TNT TV channel, the book replaced other two months to me toilet paper at the dacha. From now on this couple represents a productive duet which for quite some time now represents new Russian perfume with “ vibrating a gentle smell of a rose which is in harmony... “. Good fellows, young women! Really, good fellows! On this field at them bo - the olshy future which is necessary “ to try “ (the spelling of original advertizing of perfume of 50 mln is kept in the mercenary purposes)

But do not despair, dear reader. Not all is lost in your life. Yes, you any more will never conduct “ House 2 “ never you will register the " trademark; That’s Hot! “ and, perhaps, you will not breed in the front garden five hundred thousand spiteful chihuahuas in pink poponka. But you will have right for style, for fashion and refinement contrary to coarse trends of glamourous Gulf Stream. And it already perfect other history, adult and real, without any impurity of crystals of Swarovski.

P. S. I give the reference: crystals from Swarovski, it is even not a fake under diamonds, it is a fake under a fake - the facetted pieces of optical glass. In other words, if someone with ecstasy speaks about “ to the delightful cover of phone decorated 190 crystals of Swarovski “ know that it nothing else as a cover with 190 splinters of the rejected riflescopes which are profile production of this firm.