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Bad karma and patrimonial damnations: what is told by science? It it is possible to call

both a patrimonial damnation, and a bad karma. Anyway, all of us faced both that, and other concept both of the press, and of literature and cinema. And patrimonial damnations and a bad karma are how real in our life? I will answer so: for each of us what he trusts in is real. Demand gives rise to the offer, and not vice versa. And, if to judge by that number of the magicians and seers who are regularly flashing in the press also very many trust very much.

And whether you thought of what from the point of view of the ordinary inhabitant is the so-called karma? The patrimonial damnation - in fact is a series of the similar incidents repeating within one family from generation to generation. Diseases, early violent death, tendency to a suicide can be those... Generally, negative manifestations.

But there are also positive moments: when all members of a sort have tendency to a certain kind of activity. Actor`s dynasties, dynasties of doctors, scientists, businessmen, teachers. Happens so that people, try to choose to themselves other field of activity and all - come back there where they can prove most brightly. It to patrimonial damnation with a plus.

The German scientist - the psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, developed a technique of work with an information field of a sort. According to its theory, each of us - the member some kind of. In the person experience of all his ancestors, both positive, and negative is put.

Negative experience of ancestors and the relationship which is incorrectly built up by any of them put in an information field of a sort also forms a bad karma. Or simply - give an opportunity to the next generation to solve the problem which is not solved by previous. Spiritual bases and opportunities for further development pass also from father to son.

According to Hellinger`s theory, each member of a sort has the right, equal with the others, for accessory. The excluded or forgotten member of a sort will seek to remind of the destiny. It can be the child who died at infantile age, the person, the dead violent death. An information field of the ancestor, being weaved with the field of the younger member of a sort, forces it to build unconsciously around itself similar circumstances.

For example, there is a superstition forbidding to call the child in honor of the relative who died violent death or the brother, the sisters who died in infancy. In the researches which many can call mystical Bert Hellinger proved the reason why so really it is impossible to do.

As a rule, parents call the younger child in honor of the died senior that though somehow to compensate the pain of loss. So they in some measure deceive themselves, try to live further as if this loss and was not. To the dead actually does not get to either memory, or a name. Instead of it there lives other person and energy of a sort which would have to give it vital strength, vanishes. For live subsequently it is fraught with a depression and subconscious aspiration to a suicide.

Here from where the bad karma undertakes, the good karma and patrimonial damnations are an imposing of mistakes and achievements of ancestors on destiny of the person. Further I want to tell about psychotherapeutic sessions - arrangements by Hellinger`s method which are directed just to helping people to resolve similar negative situations and to begin to build own destiny.