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The girl, how to me to connect an answering machine? Whether

Many of us, having called subscription service of Beeline and having found out everything that is necessary, think of what there to work?

Actually looks subscriber as the most usual office. The subscription service of the Moscow Beeline several times moved, now the main call - the center is in Tver, there are similar services and in other cities - for example, in Nizhny Novgorod.

This most usual room, with usual office cells : computer table, phone, convenient chair. The only difference from other offices - here never happens silences, the rumble of voices is constantly heard. Darkness does not happen too - subscriber Beeline works round the clock. Daily here many thousands of calls on the most different subjects arrive: each operator receives about 20 - 30 calls an hour.

Here the youth works generally: work in such center is first step almost for all staff of the company. The routine is big: many do not maintain hard work and leave, many - go for increase. In spite of the fact that stereotypes say to us what to answer the phone calls - female work - guys here not less. But it is difficult to believe in it, and such dialogue is absolutely usual:

- Good afternoon, Beeline, the operator Mikhail listens to you.

- Hello, the girl! Tell how to me to connect an answering machine?

The most paradoxical is that the main task of any company which has a subscription service is reduction of quantity of the calls there arriving. The matter is that most often here call with the simplest questions: And what tariff plan at me? How to send me SMS to other country? or How to me to connect favourite number? Answers can be received on the website of the company, in advertizing leaflets and by means of an answering machine to which everyone who calls here is forced to listen. It becomes especially for that it was simpler to that for whom live consultation is really necessary to wait for the answer.

Of course, often there are funny calls - not less than one in hour

- the Girl what to do to me? At me the favourite rabbit gobbled up the antenna on phone!

- the Girl how to call me the capital of England Paris?

- the Girl, in salon of communication jinxed me! And when I sprinkled a little on phone holy water, it for some reason ceased to work!

There are also note rowdies who call daily many times - just to make cry the next girl - the operator.

Surprisingly to many people tries to get into life of the relatives: to learn where the wife or to whom the familiar guy sends to SMS called yesterday. In spite of the fact that such information is never provided, people continue to call and demand impossible: to track the unfaithful husband or even to switch-off phone to his mistress.

But, of course, overwhelming number of calls concern write-offs from the account. The most typical question: Girl, where my one and a half rubles? - from the subscriber, by mistake of sent two SMS, but not one. Very often parents whose children " call; only ordered one - two melodies on phone or only called on four-digit leisure number to communicate to the relaxed girl.

The subscription service is the main source of information not only for subscribers, but also for the company. By quantity of calls with complaints to a bad connection often diagnose problems with the equipment in this or that region. Be not surprised if you call with a claim that phone lost a network, and you will begin to be asked in detail: where you are (to within the apartment) when the network where exactly you called before it whether you switched off phone was lost? All this helps to define precisely what happened: whether stuffed your personal cellular or really something happened to communication in all area.

Efficiency of advertizing campaigns is determined by quantity of calls on the subjects touched in advertizing too. Quite often operators conduct surveys, suggesting subscribers to report whether they are happy with company services and that would like to improve.

In a word, work is humming continuously here. Each operator - both the consultant, and the expert who helps to solve technical problems, and even a little bit the analyst. For someone it is a position - only an episode in the biography: tried, was not pleasant, left. For someone - the first step of career development. But it is impossible to forget subscriber, and even those who from here left long ago, all the same on a habit continue to advise acquaintances and can easily answer a question: The Girl, how to me to connect an answering machine?