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How mountain skiing in Japan arose?

of Adaptation by means of which it is possible to move on snow existed in Japan from time immemorial. In old times they were called kandzik. However skis with sticks with what we know them, were brought to the Land of the rising sun from Europe at the beginning of last century: Japanese borrowed them as the new means of equipment allowing army to remain efficient even in snow conditions.

As the instructor explaining and showing methods of driving the Austrian major Theodor von Lerch was invited. During the season of 1911 he gave classes for young officers together with the Japanese military leader by Nagaoka of Gaysi. Upon termination of a course they arranged the Japan`s first alpine skiing tournament for what went to Gosiki Onsen in a prefekrura Yamagata thanks to what this place and is considered the first Japanese ski resort now.

In 1924 across all Japan there were already 39 resort hotels where it was possible to go for skiing. Some of them organized alpine ski clubs, attracting clients during the winter period. Already then a highlight of mountain skiing in Japan was the fact that after the day spent on a snow slope it was possible to luxuriate in hot ofuro in the evening.

Popularity of mountain skis grew in Japan as a snowball though this sport long time and was considered as elite. Gosiki Onsen, for example, opened the special platform for the aristocracy at this time. In the winter on skis there was also an imperial family. One of her members, the brother of the emperor Hirohito Titibu famous for the love to active pastime in general and to mountain skiing in particular, was so keen on a new sport that became the initiator of construction of the first resort of the international class to Hokkaido. For its arrangement the European experts were invited, certainly.

At the end of 20 - x years the Japanese railroad workers paid attention to this sport also. In the winter they fixedly watched height of snow cover, informed fans of skis on its fluctuations and advertized mountain resorts. And that the passengers who gave in to temptation without effort could reach them, started up several additional trains in a season.

In 1928 Japan for the first time sent the best skiers to competitions to Europe which the Japanese athletes surprised with a form of the skis - longer and thin, than at all others. But in leaders they did not leave. The first success of Japanese in this sport is recorded in 1956, at the VII Winter Olympic Games when to Tikhar Igaya won the second place in slalom.

Mountain skiing in Japan today - sport mass. The list of ski resorts which slope exceeds 40 degrees includes, at least, two tens. You will find slopes about 45 degrees in Keith`s resorts - Sinsyu (prefecture of Nagano), Yudzava (Niigata), Toobachi (Hyogo). However to test the most steep slopes for driving, it is necessary to go to the resort of Yubari located to Hokkaido. If these routes to you appear not in power, then the elevator of gondola type will move you to the neighboring resort of Kagura with more flat descents: sharpness of impressions is compensated here by a wonderful view of Tasiro`s lake.

Look for the most mountain resorts and surprising powdery snow in January - February in the Japanese Alps in prefecture of Nagano: above all - at the height of 2 305 meters above sea level - there pass routes of the resort of Sigakogen. Slightly lower - at the height of 2 240 meters - routes of resorts Ontake and Tatesin. The most popular ski resort in Japan - Naeba in prefecture Niigata. During the season he is visited by about 2 million fans of mountain skiing.