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Ice cream - nostalgia on the childhood or a useful delicacy?

That for you ice cream - the surprising delicacy not similar to anything? Means for removal of a stress? Nostalgia on the childhood? In glasses, in horns, on a stick. In any case, ice cream is loved by both adult solid uncles, and romantic young ladies, and the children demanding it purchase from parents. How many grades of ice cream are known - nobody will answer it, even fantastic Father Frost from far Lapland. Cream - to the bryula, an eskimo, ice cream, creamy, fruit, nut, a water-ice

B than a secret of popularity? It appears, in what ice cream consists of. Substance with the name the L tranquilizer - " tryptophane; which contains in milk and cream, has salutary effect on health of the person. Ice cream not only soils our clothes, doing hands sticky and sweet, but also reduces stress, stops bleeding from a nose, even from sleeplessness helps and just improves our mood.

For the first time ice cream appeared in the east, in ancient China. Ancient Chinese loved the dessert consisting of the mix of kernels of pomegranate, pulp of orange and a lemon mixed with the snow. The recipe was unique, it was carefully stored, transferred to the rich and wealthy people. Ancient Rome cooled juice and in such look gave at the yards of the emperor. Alexander of Macedon`s soldiers loved ice cream, lifted the fighting spirit fruit ice to which began to add milk over time.

The famous traveler Marco Polo brought the recipe of a fruit delicacy from China to Italy. From this point begins gold era in the history of development of ice cream. But it is still available only to the nobility. Grandees write out icemen, appointing by it inconceivable contents. There is a hunting original recipes, and to the XVII century the Italian manages to open in Paris the first cafe - the ice cream which became sight - Cafe Procope. In this well-known cafe both Voltaire, and Russo drop in. Even great Napoleon experimented with ice cream. When to it on the island brought the device for preparation of ice cream, he was engaged in the invention of new types of a delicacy and received ice cream.

Simple consumers were lucky much less. Only after the mixer was invented by the American in 1848, there was an opportunity to make a dessert in house conditions. Creation of powerful coolers was an incitement for an era of ice cream which becomes a national product. Simple street dealers whom the crowd of children follows begin to sell it on carts. Kulechek from paper or a plateau is filled with a delicacy. In 1904 on the occasion of the fact that plates at the iceman ended ice cream began to be sold in wafer cups at a World Fair in Saint - to Luisa. The innovation went with a bang.

Surprisingly the fact that ice cream is popular worldwide. In Russia for Maslenitsa peasants mixed cottage cheese with sour cream, cooled, added raisin, nuts, oil, molded intricate figures. Peter I liked to treat guests with ice cream, adding liqueur, jam. Long time ice cream was an exclusive product. Mass production became possible only at the Soviet power in 30 - x years when the Moscow cold-storage facility opened production shops. Anastas Mikoyan undertook the industry of ice cream. It in the USSR was not deficiency and did not concede in anything to the western standards. Stalin reproached companion Mikoyan that production of ice cream is more important than communism for it. In 50 - e years struggled with dandies by means of mass opening of cafe - frozen, attracting parents with kids there.

I well remembered aunties in the white starched fartushka which at every turn quickly sold in the summer ice cream, taking it as fokusnitsa, from mysterious chests Not therefore whether ice cream - a product nostalgic, connected with our childhood

Presently experiences continue. Gentle delightful taste of ice cream can be supplemented with other products. The German confectioners thought up ice cream with an omelet, and in Venezuela about 700 grades of ice cream. Not everyone offers ice cream with chicken, with cracklings, ragout, and it In Greece - welcome to ice cream with macaroni. And in Italy still in the price - made manually, ice cream with traditional taste: berry, chocolate, vanilla. Gelato contains only seven percent of fat unlike 10 put. Is also in invariable demand for public. I hope, and you are not indifferent to it